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  1. I really liked the idea of @alon av . I think this proto can easily be safe if the solid (red) body replaced with a wire connection and one more wheel added to the front part. Last day, riding on my euc, i tried to drive our baby's stroller from its back ( of course no babies in it). I could have regulated my balance twisting my ankle while holding the bar tightly, so the EUC part of this design should be free or semi-free. One can also stand without putting his/her foot on the ground for a three-wheel design. This could be a great add-on for all EUCs! So one can carry more things while riding
  2. To me, EUC is also sport. But it's not right to compare it with biking (as a sport). It's something in the different category. Maybe in the motor sports.
  3. Anyways, omni-directional driving wheel of Honda can be used for EUC. It would be a great modification imagining that a thin wheel can provide its self balance. It would help new riders and one can keep its balance while standing on the wheel.
  4. If you feel comfortable with the seat, why not having a trolley? So it seems like you will end up having a Ryno soon.
  5. I bet there are at least hundred people waiting to buy one from the Ninebot Z series in this forum. Still no updates about release dates?
  6. Very nice work. Well done! Did it work as you guess?
  7. Hi Guys, Is there anybody who owns a Kiwano K01 around? Can he/she tell if it is more comfortable than riding a EUC? I need real life experience.
  8. Kudays

    Honda Uni-Cub

    Nobody knows since No Honda Uni-Cubs are released yet. Only Prototypes!! I wonder if there is anybody who ever tried any of the prototypes mentioned in this thread?
  9. Kudays

    Honda Uni-Cub

    Here is the evolution of Honda personal mobility devices: http://world.honda.com/UNI-CUB/history/index.html
  10. Kudays

    Honda Uni-Cub

    Yes this is similar with Honda U3-X (previous prototype). We discuss the new model below:
  11. Kudays

    Honda Uni-Cub

    I think Honda develops own tires to use it for cars. Imagine how easy it would be parking your car using these tires. Honda Uni-cub seems to be a prototype of a coming project. Their next project may have a lighter tire.
  12. Kudays

    Honda Uni-Cub

    Hi all, Honda introduces Uni-Cub indoor unicycle. I have ended up founding this vehicle while discussing on spherical tires with Mono. As a successor to the 2009 Honda U3-X, it was demonstrated at the Osaka Motor Show 2013. A launch date has not yet been announced. Measuring 510 x 315 x 620 mm and weighing 25 kg, the UNI-CUB is powered by a lithium-ion battery and has a 6 km/h top speed and 6 km range. The seat height is 620 mm, while footrests are designed to double as support stands.
  13. I like the tire design of Honda. But i cannot say the same thing for Honda U3-X. Why do they insist on sitting for a ride? It is like you need to poo on the toilet while riding somewhere! Not cool. Anyway, Honda still trying their unicycle prototype with this new model: (What do you think?)
  14. I like it. Does it help riding on bumps?
  15. True but her height is 1.50 which is not ideal at all. I am sure you already know. I keep singing this after having painful injuries falling on EUC. Painnnnn!
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