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  1. My KS-16S has 1.02, as shown on iOS app "kingsong." In that app on the settings page, there is a firmware upgrade menu item but when I go to it, nothing happens. Could you clarify what "app" you are downloading from a Chinese or other site? Has anyone updated using the iOS singsong app? Thanks.
  2. Marty, bless your heart, you continue to be a test pilot and advocate for Gotway, influencing the purchase decisions of newcomers, with personal experience of fail after fail after fail. I understand your attraction to bleeding edge power and bleeding edge range. I don't think you hide your inclination in any way, and your experience in both riding and repairs protects you from harm to some degree. I think that most who do their due diligence and read the material on this site for hours and hours will get the sense that there are alternatives in terms of design, materials and manufacture that
  3. Believe that may have been for KS14S which prematurely rolled down tilt back while still at high charge state. Jason’s post explains in detail. He has told me that the 16S does not have that flaw and he is not aware of any firmware updates.
  4. "They lean forwards at the waist while they butt moves backwards adjusting the weight back to the middle." Yes, I immediately recognized that ineffective butt-back fail when I started. It is interesting, though. The wheel has no interest in the location of your center of gravity. All it knows is whether it is rotated forward or backward from its null position. But you the rider manage both wheel rotation and center of gravity simultaneously to stay on the wheel during accel/constant v/decel.
  5. I'm stubborn, but if I don't get it down as is, will try the back tilt cal. I stall out most reliably when trying to mount uphill.
  6. The app had been removed from App Store when I received my wheel. So I did not have a prior installation, and do not know if what is currently available and I am using has fixed the flaws of removed app or is a reversion to before the flaws appeared. It was very simple to use the website to provide my unlocking code and then enter it, if you need to do it over again.
  7. KS16S. Appreciate your comments, Marty. I twist my reasoning into knots trying to understand the dynamics, for instance what comes first--lean forward or acceleration? And if pedal tilt is not about fore-aft foot pressure, what is it? But happily no understanding is required for successful iteration and trial and error in learning and improving. I didn't teach my kids theory before they got on bikes; I ran alongside and then they were riding.
  8. The magic of Google and YouTube videos, wherein all the secrets of the universe are explained (and rarely even correctly).
  9. Thanks, Marty. I've tried different foot positions and don't really like my toes cantilevered too far off the front, feels insecure. I think they are close to centered fore and aft over the pedal. I do not video myself so I don't have objective body position, just what I feel. When I am underway, speed control is very intuitive and essentially seems like mind control. Even very slow speed turns--which I practice around lines on the basketball court--have good speed control. Only my initial acceleration after mounting doesn't always work. Since mounting is a complex series of events w
  10. Are you familiar with RTFM? : ) For goodness sake don't feel dumb; if the UI software engineers didn't make it simple and intuitive then they failed. I ignored PCs and waited for a Mac in 1984 because it was the first computer smart enough to use.
  11. After I got kicked off the town's expensive new artificial turf athletic fields, my second ride started on the fence around a roller hockey rink but I got tired of messing with the fence so just pushed off into the middle, and then onto the basketball courts where I was doing laps and figure eights. After an hour or so I took a sidewalk tour of the park. Turns were a bit dicey, especially sharp turns on narrow sidewalk, but I stayed on it for a full lap of about a mile. On this ride I mastered free mounts, level or downhill at least. Third and fourth rides were from my house up and down m
  12. There is no wheel registration on the iOS KingSong app. To unlock the speed increase you need to use the number the app tells you (wheel's Bluetooth MAC address or similar techy thingy) on another website and then enter the number that website generates, which I did with manual entry. I don't know how the app will handle firmware updates; my KS16S came with 1.02 and as far as I know that is the latest with no update planned or required. I have not messed with calibrating the wheel because I don't want to screw up something working fine right now. I think from your post that you use Android? Co
  13. I installed the iOS app on my iPhone. With my new KS16S it pairs easily; have used it to change speed limit to 35kph, change the warning thresholds and play with ring and headlights. It is not entirely logical in operation but does basic functions well as far as I can tell. I do wish the units could be changed from metric to imperial.
  14. Possibly we use our lights differently. I turn mine on manually at all times--equivalent of daytime running lights in autos (which lower our insurance rates in US). So if I ride into darkness it is already on. Range could suffer a bit, so I understand if you use yours only at night. Perhaps there have been changes to later model production. My light pattern is more radially symmetric and diffuse and does not have the bright lobe aimed upwards as shown in your photo. My beams are parallel to the ground with the cone centered 18in. high at 20ft. There is useful illumination of the path betw
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