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  1. I have an IPS 121 T350 and I am unsure of what battery I need or where to find it. The battery is 340wh.
  2. I got my unicycle that is suppose to go 22mph and it doesnt seem to go faster than 15mph. Any suggestions?
  3. How did you burst the charging wire, that way I can be careful when opening mine?
  4. I was tinkering with my valve stem on my wheel because there is something lodged in it and the stem is busted to the point where air leaks out slowly. I need to find a replacement inner tube but I can't find the right tire and I don't want to buy the wrong one. It's a IPS 121 T350 350Wh and It has a 16 inch wheel with a bent valve.
  5. Slaughter when I download it, the download says it can't open it, so I need something specific to open it?
  6. Slaughter what do i do with that link? It won't let me open it
  7. Can somebody please help me I have the IPS t350+ and I can't for the life of me find a single app that can unlock the full speed. The agressive tilt back at 16 kph is killing my feet and I just want to find a way to increase the speed so I wont feel it as much. I've tried the Iamips app and that app is what locked my speed in the first place >:( And the xima app for android won't even connect to my euc. I haven't had enough time to try the app on iphone but when I had a minute to try it wouldn't even find my euc via bluetooth.
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