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  1. Forgot to mention it comes with training wheels and the original box.
  2. It's the latest N20 (only a couple of months old), and it has the latest firmware as of a couple of months ago, as I did an upgrade via the Android app.
  3. Yes, I imported it myself directly from NineBot.
  4. I have added a price to the post. This is a real bargain for anyone wanting a Ninebot! PM me if interested. Luke
  5. *** THIS HAS NOW BEEN SOLD *** I'm selling my almost-new Ninebot One E+ Unfortunately I just didn't get on with it and couldn't master it, so it's up for sale. (Reluctant sale, as it's a superb piece of kit!) It's only a couple of months old, very low mileage, perfect except for a few small grazes on the body, pedals and shin-pad but only minor. It was £600 new, but I will let it go for £400 to the lucky buyer, given the minor grazes. I'm in Cardiff, UK. Buyer will need to collect. PM me if you're interested.
  6. Luke

    Calorie burn

    For me, any calories burnt, wherever, are good. Walking the dog separately = some more calories. All good data for MyFitnessPal app (and my weight loss! After all, a lighter rider is more nimble). It's certainly good to know that even while having fun, I can be burning over 200 calories an hour... All good to me!
  7. Luke

    Calorie burn

    I was quite surprised at the amount of calories burnt for fairly light intensity activities. http://www.fatsecret.co.uk/fitness/motorbike-riding Those stats are for a 70kg (11 stone) person, and I'm a lot heavier than that and would need to make some adjustments, but motorcycling and doing the ironing both take around 220 calories per hour, so I would be surprised if EU wasn't similar. The only sure way to find out though, would be to wear a monitor and then try street and offroad to check it. It's been enlightening looking into this though!
  8. Luke

    Calorie burn

    Yes, and like you say, more effort for cross-country too. This thread, someone has used Polar to check their heart rate and calories on 2 hour forest track runs, which indicates >300 calories per hour in their case. I don't know how accurate those monitor devices are though. http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/111-i-plan-to-test/?page=3#comment-1461
  9. Luke

    Calorie burn

    This discusses Balance Board calories (and likens it to Skateboarding interestingly): http://woman.thenest.com/calories-burned-per-hour-balance-board-12494.html Basically, around 300-444 calories, depending on weight. Perhaps that's a fair figure for EU riding then. So, somewhere in the region of 20-30 calories/km, travelling at 15km/h. It may be more off-road I imagine. MapMyFitness / MapMyRide have a workout profile for Skateboarding, which might be close enough.
  10. Luke

    Calorie burn

    It's probably similar to skateboarding?? (300 - 600 per hour). This thread seems to suggest so: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/111-i-plan-to-test/?page=3#comment-1461
  11. Luke

    Calorie burn

    Well apparently standing up burns 50 calories more than sitting down, at around 147 calories per hour, according to this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24532996 So any balancing, knee bending and core use will add to that a bit I guess. (this post was written while standing!)
  12. Just curious if anyone has any stats for average calories per km burnt on an EU? I assume it will be somewhat less than walking or cycling? Once it finally arrives, I'm planning on taking my Ninebot One E+ through forest tracks and want to link it up with MapMyRide and MyFitnessPal on my Android phone to keep track of calories, distance, speed, trail, etc. Just not sure whether they'll support a workout mode for self balancing scooters, or if I can add a custom one.
  13. Actually, I did email them again for verification and still waiting for reply. In the end I cancelled the order and now waiting for NineBot One E+ instead ;-)
  14. Hi guys. I'm new on here, and just bought a MonoRover R3. I emailed them regarding this thread, and they replied promptly saying these issues are fixed in the R3, which is a relief to me I guess this can be added to the list of fixed scooters.
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