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  1. How are you sure?
  2. This has to happen. Anyone heard if they’re working on this?
  3. Good thoughts guys, thanks for the info! My example use case involved charging a backup pair of battery packs in a secure area, and returning for swaps. Certainly, a long 1-way trip with backup battery packs would require carrying extra weight and fiddling. If attempting that, I'd want some sort of saddle storage for the EUC to take weight off my back. Or, if arch-busting long trips was the primary use case, I'd want a different wheel.
  4. “Electric Unicycle” sounds dorky—because of the connotations of Unicycle. “Gyrowheel” is the best I’ve come across. Sounds distinctive and futuristic, while including the 2-wheeled variants (like Solowheel Iota).
  5. Since the Tesla side panels open with only 4 screws, I got to thinking: what would it take to charge an extra couple of battery packs, separately from the unicycle? For many use cases, this approach cures a lot of range anxiety associated with the Tesla, without adding weight to the main unit. For example, I might charge batteries at a friendly coffee shop, while draining the installed set by exploring the city. When I run low on juice, just come back for quick swap—back in business. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right adaptors to plug your charger into the battery pa
  6. How tall is the trolley handle when fully extended? If you open it up, does it look like there is room to wire up more/bigger aftermarket battery packs?
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