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  1. Παρε ενα σετ κλειδιων αλλεν λευτερη δεν θα πανε χαμενα.
  2. Yes the protection is perfect and cheap.
  3. Hello i must leave the batery empty and the recharge it? Or something else?
  4. Hello in my ninebot one e+ how i can make it go faster than 22km/h?
  5. Ι have got firmware v.1.4.0 i can make it go faster and how?
  6. Now i am in normal mode or if i push it rides in limited speed?
  7. I must return the speed limits to zero? Or i must do something else?
  8. Hello i am new user and i bought a used E+. I connect it with my phone and i see in settings limited speed is 10km.After a long time how i can rech the full speed. I must change something else for example sensitivity? Thanks a lot
  9. How i can fix the broken nut in the socket of my ninebot one e+? Any idea? Thanks
  10. In my unicycle Ninebot one e+ i can use the same tyre that bicycle 16" use? Or i must order especially for electric unicycle
  11. What to use to protect my ninebot when falling down(scratches,lines) ? Something that i can bought it in local store
  12. Οκ.ευχαριστω πολυ. Σαν αρχη ηια προστασια του ninebot τι μπορω να του κολησω εκτος απο τα δικα του προστατευτικα?
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