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  1. Just got a backup MiniPro on sale. It's the "2018" model. Checked the tire pressure out of the box and both wheels had 72.5 PSI. Tried to take them down to 40PSI and they felt way to soft in my hand. My other MiniPro is at 40PSI, and sometimes ends up as low as 20+PSI, and never feels so soft. Tire is marked on outside, Maximum pressure 30PSI. Go figure!
  2. You are looking in the wrong place if you are looking for information for people with disabilities. Federal regulations found here: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?gp=1&SID=bba5ad06518b529c94e1d67a3270196b&ty=HTML&h=L&r=SECTION&n=49y2. in subparagraph 17 which specifically deals with "a wheelchair or other mobility aid equipped with a lithium ion battery, when carried as checked baggage" indicate that: A non-spillable battery that is designed to be non-removable and is attached to a mobility assistance device, where the unit can be securely turned off should be loaded into cargo (17 sub-section iv). The maximum limit as to the size of the battery of 300 WH ONLY applies to batteries that are designed to be removable or carried loose (sub-section v). Note that section 17 (v) and paragraphs (A) through (E) do not apply to devices that are not designed to have their batteries removed by the user, so the 300 watt hour restriction would also not apply. Clearly Section 17 does not specify a maximum WH ratting, when used as "a wheelchair or other mobility aid equipped with a lithium ion battery."
  3. NewEgg.com has been selling the Ninebot Elite+ PTR for less money than the official site. (just under $2,000) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=12W-002A-00012 Product is still sold from the same authorized dealer. Listing says: Sold and Shipped by Ninebot U.S. Inc. I had the same problems with the small foot petals, and also problems with the MiniPro failing to negotiate bumps if the speed wasn't just right. (Ouch!!). The Elite Plus is much more stable and hasn't shaken when it gets really windy where I live. I am still able to put it in my trunk for travel. The MiniPro is like a light sports car while the Elite is more like a limo. Took it on a Segway tour with other family members renting the full I2 Segways that weigh and cost twice as much. Had no problem keeping up or with handling even on a bumpy dirt park trail. If I would have tried that with the MiniPro, it wouldn't have finished the tour.
  4. Rules for traveling with a Lithium battery by itself and those for one installed in a device, where the battery is not meant to be easily removed by the end user are not the same. Furthermore, I searched the web and have not been able to find ANY cases of a Segway or Ninebot product catching fire. These devices are built for safety.
  5. Look at this post at: https://forums.segwaychat.org/showthread.php?t=34957&page=2 From pcarlson79 "Hi,I just bought a Ninebot Elite second hand and my battery went flat after just 8km with 4 bars remaining but it vibrated and shook with Error 37 so I walked it home. Plugged it in to charge for 10 seconds then it was all good again.I took it to the carpark to test with 4 bars and then with ZERO warning I lost ALL power and fell backwards and opened up my elbow. Now, being an electrical engineer I decided to NOT charge the battery and open it up. The Ninebot Elite does have 2 battery packs. Each battery is 15s2p with their own BMS onboard. I found that the BMS had tripped on both battery packs which left the system with 0v to try and balance me.After a few weeks of trial and error, I tracked down the problem to 6 bad cells on BOTH packs. I replaced all the cells and am now getting a much better 17km range and I can safely get down to 2 bars where it limits your speed to 7km/h and then nothing.So moral of the story is that it IS INDEED possible for the system to cut ALL power with no vibrating, stick shake or beeps, just BOOM no power. Honestly, after looking at the poor LG battery cells they use in the 450Wh packs and the poor SAMSUNG cells in the 670Wh packs, what a terrible decision. Each time they have gone for the cheap low AMP cells, where for an extra $0.30 per cell ($18) they could have put REALLY good LG or SAMSUNG cells like the Samsung 30Q. But anyway, the fact they have separate BMS inside the battery box that can be triggered without being controlled by the motherboard is a bad design. I would much rather the battery get hurt by dropping under 3v than my elbow or worse. Rather than limiting current, they use a really cheap MOSFET cut design. Looking at the BMS it's no different to a cheap $15 BMS from ebay" ======= And that's for the premium Ninebot Elite!
  6. The new Ninebot C and the Ninebot Elite claim to have redundancy. "... [with] Ninesys 2nd self-balancing control system, which is up to 10 times more powerful, efficient, and has better control performance. " Would it make a difference?
  7. My Ninebot MiniPro has failed me completely at least 3 times. Once it was caused by one wheel hitting a curb slightly off the part of a curb cut made for wheelchairs, etc.. Just died completely and I fell back flat out. Saved by my helmet. I have been able to duplicate this fail (without me on board) by letting the MiniPro run into a curb at about an 45 degree angle by itself. Falls right over!! Another time I had just gotten on at a location with a stone surface. It had just rained and there was a thin layer of water on the surface. I had ridden successfully on this same surface in the rain before, but the spot where I fell had recently been polished, so it was slicker than usual. Fell completely forward. No chance to stick out my arms or anything to break my fall. Interestingly the only places I had pain were where my wallet was in my pants pocket and where my phone was on my belt because I fell so flatly. (Luckily I was able to arch my back and only touched the ground lightly with my chin!). The first time was when I went over a threshold bump too slowly. (I was a new rider.) Minipro just fell completely forward. I have since learned not to take bumps too slowly and to try to have one wheel at a time - on an angle. This doesn't seem to work by curbs.