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  1. wheelr


    Lol true that.
  2. wheelr


    Understanding lipid metabolism (not mixing refined carbs + refined fats) and doing an anaerobic exercise like sprint-8 (16 minutes every other day) is the most efficient way to lose weight.
  3. wheelr

    Average age of EUC rider

    39 here. Started riding this year.
  4. wheelr

    The future is not 30 mph EUCs

    You're right on the 20mph limit. As far as I understand there is a loophole in the federal regulation of s-pedelecs. Specialized and other brands use it to legally sell their 28mph s-pedalecs. However, my argument is that there is no good reason for those speed limits, specially when sharing roads with way faster and bigger vehicles. People don't like to walk in Florida primarily because it is too damn hot. EUCs are portable devices that should be allowed to go onto sidewalks to travel safely and to enter and exit their destinations. A more sensible regulation would regulate the speed limit when around pedestrians. And then there is the issue of enforcement. Until these regulations reach parity with EUC functionality and common sense, these premature laws are meant to be broken.
  5. wheelr

    The future is not 30 mph EUCs

    The premise that the same measures we use to regulate other vehicles should apply to EUCs is flawed. EUCs should not require insurance. They just don't pose a substantial threat to others. EUCs should be allowed on sidewalks (which for the most part go unused). There is no good reason why an EUC shouldn't be allowed to travel at speeds of 30+ mph. The capacity to travel at higher speeds enable EUCs to be safer around traffic, and the extra power acts as a buffer that reduces the chance of a cut-out. Here in Florida, mopeds can travel at higher speeds and do not require any insurance. E-bikes that can travel at 28mph and mopeds with pedals can do so on sidewalks. I'm not saying that EUCs should not be regulated. All I'm saying is that the regulations should make sense. It is up to us to educate others about the nature of EUCs and help create a framework that works.
  6. wheelr

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Haha Tequila Weed. That's great! Take note EUCers lol I'm so glad to read that. Your testimonial is powerful and worth sharing. I lost my father to cancer 6 years ago. I did the best that I could, but I was clueless back then. After he passed I began to question everything and I became informed and that information forever changed me. As for my father, It turns out his cancer (bile duct cancer) was caused by his diet. Not once did his doctors recommend any dietary changes btw. He ate a high fat diet, he loved serrano ham, eggs, fried and gouda cheese, those foods were his favorites. And so it happened that his high cholesterol diet led to him getting gallstones and those gallstones created the perfect habitat for harmful bacteria which in turned produced free-radicals and these free-radicals destroyed his DNA (his cells blueprint/ability to repair themselves). And this gave way to the cancer. In truth, we all get cancer regularly, and usually our immune system is able to mitigate it, but when our immune system is weak and compromised, it is just unable to fulfill its duties. I share this, because diet matters. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates. More fundamentally, in the 1930s the US Department of Agriculture warned Congress about the erosion and mineral deficiency of US soils. The Government did nothing and now modern agriculture defraud us by growing crops with minimal input (N-P-K, 3 elements out of the 90+ naturally occurring elements in the periodic table), genetically modifying those crops (GMOs) to make them more "hearty" (despite lacking mineral content) and bathing them in toxic/carcinogenic substances (glyphosate) to fend of pests that healthy plants should be able to fend off by themselves. Knowing this, it becomes easy to see why we are so vulnerable to all sorts of health issues. We are weak and more exposed than ever. This is why "your" grandma smoked till she was 90 and never had cancer. She lived in a much less polluted world and ate way better (mineral rich) food than you. Anyhow, I don't intend to derail this thread but I thought I'd share this with you. All my best.
  7. wheelr

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    This is why they use it topically or via capsules. http://cureyourowncancer.org/make-the-oil
  8. wheelr

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Good luck Rehab, hope everything turns out well.
  9. The only way to challenge premature regulations is with data, and we won't have the data if we don't defy those regulations and ride.
  10. wheelr

    Pedestrian Fatalities Up 46% in US

    As a jogger/sprinter myself, I use the bike lane because asphalt is softer than concrete and it is easier on my joints. When you jog/sprint on a regular basis, these nuances begin to matter. However, I always yield to cars and even go onto the grass if cars don't give me the courtesy of pulling onto the left lane. A car will always win that match.
  11. According to a new report by the Institute for Highway Safety, pedestrian fatalities have increased by 46% since 2009. With 6,000 fatalities in 2016 alone. http://fortune.com/2018/05/08/pedestrian-deaths-soar-iihs-report/ Be careful out there.
  12. wheelr

    how to stop pedal scraping????

    Good point. You want something made to be scrapped off, something like wax, plastidip or those disks skaters use under their gloves to turn and break.
  13. wheelr

    how to stop pedal scraping????

  14. wheelr

    Kingsong Vs Gotway releases:

    Regardless of competing with the Tesla, the KS16s needs more speed. Every time I see someone riding it, it beeps and beeps and beeps.
  15. wheelr

    Kingsong Vs Gotway releases:

    I always thought the KS18L looked too big and odd. Kingsong could have a real winner in the KS16s if they would only upgrade it to compete with the Tesla.