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  1. @Flyboy10 Awesome pic 👍🏻 First time I hear about it too.. Underrated spot for sure.
  2. Haha spoken like a true enthusiast. Currently there is a 16X bug (introduced by a fix) where the first 0.5 second of audio gets cut out, rendering navigation useless. Keep an eye on that and make sure it's been fixed before you pull the trigger. Best of luck with your choice(s) XD
  3. Get the 16X and change the tire.. The rest of the release issues should be fixed by the time of your purchase.
  4. Agreed, along with our electric motors comes the burden of care. We should drive responsibly. This is not always the case. There are instances where an adjacent vehicle is in another's vehicle's blind spot and if that vehicle decides to turn, it is imperative for that other vehicle to warn it as to avoid a collision. This can happen even at a complete stop. There are other times where a vehicle could place itself at risk if it lets another vehicle or person commit an infraction. Of course, like everything, there are polite ways of conducting oneself, having to blow one's horn and all.
  5. What? First off, the purpose of horns, as used in transit, is to alert others in order to prevent accidents. How any of this is womanly, I don't even know.
  6. This is where a EUC horn would come in handy And this ^ haha
  7. wheelr

    126-Volt Nikola

    My guess is that it has to do with the relation between voltage and current. The force of an electromagnetic field depends on the strength and movement of said current. Here is a nice explanation: https://www.motioncontroltips.com/faq-whats-relationship-voltage-dc-motor-output-speed/
  8. Don't you hate it when those cement blocks sink into the swap and create death bumps? Sigh..
  9. Hang in there, he'll see this and you got the advantage of being local. He might have a change of heart (again). Good luck.
  10. Hey @chrisjunlee found you a potential buyer for your 16X XD
  11. I heard the 100V has a 10% boost over the 84V. Seems worthwhile.
  12. Haha your girlfriend seems like and good sport and I'm happy you found a solution. As a gay man, it's pretty funny to read about your guy's experiences with your girlfriends and in a way I feel relieved I wont have that issue lol Now, knock on wood I won't end up with that one guy who doesn't like EUCs
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