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  1. Why don't you take her to over heat hill to watch the sunset?
  2. In my opinion GlueWay has to: * Give up the hot glue gun * Use TO247 MOSFETs * Come up with a clean assembly method for their current design and consider assembly in their future ones This is the bare minim I expect in order to trust them again. Any other solution should be deemed unsatisfactory and this forum should continue its "do not buy" recommendation
  3. Kingsong should make a minimalist all rubber black version without the faux carbon or the silly looking pads/indentations on the sides
  4. I shall christen my future 16x, beetlejuice
  5. French demo of the ks16x
  6. Gentlemen, your observations aren't mutually exclusive. And I hope Marty will repeat this test with a correctly assembled version of the Nikola. Sorry Marty but you have become our go to test dummy
  7. I'm just poking some fun at @houseofjob since I presume he's got more insight into the 16x than just about anyone this side of of Atlantic ocean
  8. Doesn't @houseofjob speak French? Perhaps he could translate it for us
  9. Something I want to work on for a HUD application is a proximity signal using a radar or sonar peripheral to alert the rider of passing traffic. It would be nice if existing EUC apps had an API whereby we would extend their functionality.
  10. Haha embedded is challenging but also very rewarding and it will tie nicely with your passion for hardware. I think you've made a good choice.
  11. Sorry, I meant to link to the document as a whole. But yes, you are right, you don't need to go low level to use BLE, specially on mobile platforms with all their confy abstractions. I'm just a low level programmer and tend to dive as close to the metal as I can This may be more inline with what he is looking for: https://developer.apple.com/bluetooth/
  12. By plain text, I mean unencrypted. More info on the BLE protocol can be found here: https://microchipdeveloper.com/wireless:ble-introduction
  13. I'm guessing the improvement comes from adding more breaking surface area (left and right) to x distance?
  14. I haven't tinkered with wheels but I'm pretty sure you could monitor whatever is being transmitted with something like wireshark. I bet they are transmitting standard plain text packets.
  15. Why would Kingsong angle the break-lights towards the ground? Sigh.. They should face up, towards trailing traffic eyeballs 👀
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