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  1. wheelr


    The sand nearer the grass is always hard. I believe it has to do with the sand nourishment effort the city conducts.
  2. wheelr

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    Tesla becoming a franken wheel? ? The main thing I like about the Tesla is that it strikes a sensible balance between power and size without the protuberances found in the rest of Gotway's wheels. It's amazing really that such svelte package can pack such a punch. But knowing Gotway, you're probably right, sigh.
  3. wheelr

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    While superior design and craftsmanship can impact function, safety and reliability, my desire for it originates mostly from vanity.
  4. wheelr

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    Yes, though I still desire the craftsmanship of Inmotion and the slim design of the V8. The Tesla is by far the closest fit to what I would regard as the perfect wheel for me.
  5. wheelr

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    2000W Motor 25+ mph (40km) Better weight balance (not top heavy) Thicker tire Slim design (V8 form factor not taller) ~25miles range (40km)
  6. wheelr

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    What I want is a more powerful V8, with the same weight and form factor as the original. Hopefully @Jeffrey Scott Will + @Bobwheel are already working on it.
  7. wheelr

    18L orders

    Just kidding.. I hope you get it lol
  8. So is there a host hotel? Where's everyone staying?
  9. wheelr

    18L orders

    I think electricunicycles.eu have them in stock and are shipping now. MobilityUrban.fr also has them and are sponsoring Monsieur Flex 3000km tour around France.
  10. wheelr

    New Wheel advice please

    The truth is, you can learn on any wheel, it's only a matter of will. From Chooch videos, the Z10 seems to be a fine off road machine.
  11. I chose the Ninebot Z10 because I like to ride in style ? Passed on the Gotway MSX cause I ain't no beta tester ☠️
  12. wheelr

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    That's sweet. Enjoy your new wheel.
  13. wheelr

    KS18L Unboxing, Unlock & Impression

    Where did you order yours from?
  14. wheelr

    What is this "popping sound"...video link

    Gotway already has taken steps to "beef up" the axle and the shims. Short of redesigning it, there isn't much that can be done. You could use thread-locker to try to keep the nuts in place, but with use they will eventually loosen up, it is how the mechanism is designed. Eventually and periodically you will want to open up your wheel and do a check up. A lose axle could lead to a very serious accident. However, being that your wheel is brand new, you should lean on your dealer's warranty.
  15. wheelr

    KingSong KS18L Q&A

    Congrats on your new wheel! I'd like to know at what battery percentage it begins to throttle and to what speeds. How does its acceleration, braking performance compare to other wheels. And how big is its profile? Is this wheel only proportional/suitable for tall people?