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  1. Is this a total shutdown ? For example is this the way to put the wheel in storage without the batteries getting drained in standby mode ?
  2. Yes vaping produces fumes, and has potentially toxic things in them. The vapor is produced by heating vegetable glycerin to the boiling point. Same stuff that's in soap and skin moisturizer. And makes nice clouds in Discos ^^ They throw some polypropylene glycol in there to give the smoke hit sensation. It's also used as a conservative in most skincare and dietary products. Of course you got some nicotine, which is both a pesticide and a human neuron enhancer, with amphetaminic properties. The rest is just GRASS certified aromas that are used in food and flavoring additives
  3. Yeah, I don't like that high pitched sound either. Was wondering if it's actually the motor or the mosfets ?
  4. I just hit some stairs with the original trolley, and the solder joints gave away and ripped part of the metal too ^^ Anyone have a suggestion for a good, solid, and non flimsy trolley ?
  5. Well, I hope you don't own a car, take the bus, or plane, throw nothing in the thrash that might end up in an incinerator, only eat food free from pesticides that end up in the water supply, and live in a wooden house free from industrial ciment, wear clothes that didn't contribute to poluting rivers, and only use biological plastics ^^ You don't actually need to smoke or vape to poison those around you.
  6. I do that, but it's not a quick temporary off like on other wheels
  7. Oh, rockwheel has no way to temporarily turn off when lifting/going up stairs ...not a deal breaker, but would have been nice !
  8. I can't really add more than what others said as this is my 1st wheel too. But from quickly looking at the specs of the Tesla Tesla: heavier, uglier, better lighting, integrated trolley, integrated ventilation, better charger, more robust ? Rockwheel: sexier, lighter, faster ?, cheap charger, more fragile ?, not integrated trolley (but comes with free trolley), good ventilation shafts Really can't honestly give advice without owning both :-) But rockwheel weighs 17.5kg and honestly, that's pretty damn heavy already ^^
  9. Ps: taxes and customs are included in the price. Well, probably not, but they make it work ^^ I had no problems with extra taxes of customs
  10. I'm in France, but I bought it in the official rockwheel store in ali express. They have a warehouse in the Netherlands a d i got it within 48h ...but check with the vendor (pm on Ali) first, and get a reduction while your at it (usually $50), and if you sign up on some cash back sites you can save another $50 ;-)
  11. Btw I bought this wheel as my first wheel last week. Never rode a euc before that. Today I already have a little over 120km on the wheel and will soon be able to ride backwards ^^ It's fast, nimble, and sales support was great. I did have a few bugs that I'm still figuring out if it's me or the wheel, but all in all I'm pretty happy with my purchase for now ..but I have no comparison points ! :-)
  12. Tonight I'm gonna go meet up with the guys that do roller skating. Might try roller-hockey with the euc just for fun, and then follow the others on their 15km roller walk :-) Life's too easy ^^
  13. Lol, maybe you need to move somewhere where "normal" ppl live, and it's not just about social status and more about if you're interesting or an a*hole or not ^^ The context of where one lives has a high influence on oneself ...be it upper class or ghetto.
  14. I already guessed you live in some upper/middle class suburbs in the states, where having a car is often the best option seeing the insane distances you have to cover daily. I'm downtown in a mid sized European city. Kinda like living in downtown San Francisco. Everything is in public transport, bike, or walking distance. Everyone has a car, but they hate taking it. Gas, insurance, maintenance, and not to mention traffic jams is everyone's nightmare here ^^ Heck, you're actually often faster on a bicycle than in a car around here :-) Also most eucs you can get in shops go for around
  15. Really ? I think here it's more like wow what's that, or man this dude's got money to throw out of the window for crazy gadgets :-)
  16. He let the silicon dry before reassembling so it just acts as a rubber joint
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