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  1. Razor_amd and MRN76 all i can Say is i really hope a solution to the Release of his firmware can be found while i was more then able to find the data i needed to raise the top speed and it works fine I know from the M365 that he can do good work and tune things, better then i can while i know some of the secrets that need to be protected for his changes to be of use to him i will Not release this info tell MRN76 SAYS I Can do so. even then change the limit in code was much faster then I expected SWO running a trace with the mini powered up did wonders for figuring out things. but after digging very deep into MRN76's app's I can Say they are Clean and contain nothing more then what you see (and some basic debugging and a few disabled functions that are not fully tested and ready for use) based on my findings i feel a lot safer simply because years ago .....new story new thread
  2. Hey guys Just posting to keep everyone in the loop have my minipro running modified firmware amd it tops out safely with me at 19mph any faster and it becomes unstable on hills but keep in mind I'm 240lbs The mod is not a freebee amd you can kiss the warranty good bye. And you need tools and hardware to pull it off. I used OpenOCD debugging and a custom J-link debugger (Wireless) to reverse engineer a lot of data IF i had my hands on a segway mini pro running older 1.1.7 fw it be a lot easier but mine is brand new off amazon. If anyone has an org segway running ver 1.1.7 or at least 1.2.8 and down as they don't have hardware encryption enabled and not scared of me ataching 10 wires to the main board. A simple mod chip option can be done think old xbox's. I'm doing this as simple test and will post data openly
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