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  1. Thanks again for all the advice on here. Just thought I'd close this out. I ended up getting a KS 16S (which arrived Saturday) and I'm certain that the guidance in this thread sent me in the right direction. I was able to cruise around on the hills near my house and hit the max speed tilt back (which I have set to 22kph for now) Felt like plenty of power for most of the hill. It seemed to struggle a bit getting up my steep driveway but I didn't actually expect it to make that climb so I'm impressed that it got up there at all. Thanks again. I hadn't taken my size into account while
  2. Hey @Marty Backe Glad you like your new wheel! I was planning to buy a KS 16s or maybe a 14d for my hilly 4 mile commute but now I'm wondering if one of these guys would be better. Would you recommend one of these over the KS wheels? My only concern with the 16s is the weight, since I'll be taking it on a train every day. I'm a bit concerned abut the 14d and the steep hils. The MTen3 sounds awesome but I also worry about it carrying my 200+lbs up these hills and comfortably zipping me the 4 miles to the train station over mildly rough roads and trails. Another factor is that this wo
  3. Thanks for all the advice! @meepmeepmayer I'm close to 200lbs, not sure if that counts as heavy for this wheel. I'm hoping to use this on my daily commute, which is < 5 miles each way. I can charge it at the office, too. If that works out, you're probably right and I'll want to upgrade pretty soon after. I'll do some more shopping around for new wheels and give it some more thought. Maybe if the seller will come down in price it would be a good way to get started.
  4. I'm thinking about buying my first euc and have been looking to start with a used one to save some money. There's currently a V5f listed on the craigslist near me where the seller claims to have only ridden inside parking garages but couldn't get the hang of it. They're asking $500 US for the thing. I can't seem to find these for sale new anywhere so I'm not sure if that price is fair. I found this V5f+ but that's about it. So, does this sound like a reasonable price? What kinds of things should I look for when I see it in person? Any red flags about this particular model tha
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