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    Skydio's 2 drone "follow mode" test on an electric Unicycle Gotway Nikola Plus 100v 4k HDR no post Skydio 2 drone follow mode test on an electric Unicycle Gotway Nikola Plus 100v Skydio's 2 beacon used for the video 4k HDR no post editing - no color grading
  2. Indeed 30 to 40 miles, what is perfect to me!
  3. I'm 200 pounds and range is between 35 to 40 miles, according to the speed you go. I've never made a real test till 0%. That's based on battery I use and distance on my rides.
  4. If you're tall and heavy and will do mostly street rides, go for a Nikola 100v 1230wh. Are you going to take long rides? Very long rides? Trails?
  5. If you're a tall and heavy guy, likes street riding, likes speed etc., go for the Nikola 100v 1230wh. It has less range than the 1830wh, but it's lighter and very nimble. It's an absolute beast on streets. So much faster than the 16x. If you like trail riding, you're not heavy and neither a tall guy, don't want to push speed limits etc., go to the 16x. Trust me. I owned both. It's all a matter of what you're looking for and your body type.
  6. I can confirm my Nikola 100v 1240 weights between 47 and 48 lb. I used 2 different scales. It's the newest model with the new controller (and I don't know if it has the new 21700 batteries).
  7. Do you know how heavy is one of those packs?
  8. Never tried the 1845wh, but the 1230wh seems very well balanced. It doesn't feel heavy.
  9. In my opinion, the Nikola 100v 1230wh is the perfect wheel for a heavier (190 pounds up) street rider (summarizing everything). On the other the 16x and its amazing torque is the perfect wheel for trails and also for lighter street riders.
  10. Sure thing! The 16x is also an amazing wheel, but the Nikola is more of a street wheel with lots os power for a faster speed, specially for heavier riders.
  11. @Marty BackePlease, what are your max amp settings on the wheellog app for the 100v Nikola? Any other alarms?
  12. @chrisjunleePlease, what are your max amp settings on the wheellog app? Any other alarms?
  13. Gustesta


    Wrong info on the video: you just need to ride 6 miles or 10km to unlock the full wheel speed. Firmware 1.05 or 1.06.
  14. @Mark Leeknows how to customize a wheel really well! Also has tons of EUC technical knowledge!
  15. Please what is your safe top speed with the pre 1.07?
  16. @Marty Backe has a master degree, I mean, doctorate degree, on gotway dissections
  17. You're right. Now I got the same info - gonna take 1 year. There's misinformation on the market right now. The only person I know who got the 21700 batteries in a Nikola is Afeez Kay.
  18. I guess the Nikola is your favorite wheel for now, isn't it?
  19. Maybe the weight of the riders is very different.
  20. Got also a M3 LR and never had any battery heating probles with it. It's the opposite, when I'm travelling and I need to use the supercharging stations it preconditions the cells (warming them up) just before I get to the station, so charging is faster. Also, Tesla's 21700 cells have a different chemistry and design than the regular 21700. Small details made by Tesla + Panasonic. How many miles do you have on yours so far? I got 12k miles on mine, same model as yours, and battery degradation is zero!
  21. If anyone of you is in Berlin now, you may get one of those discounted at KingSong's IFA booth:
  22. Tesla uses different chemistry and design itself of the batteries.
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