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  1. My brother is selling his Kingsong 18L in case you're interested.
  2. How much? Do you also have pictures?
  3. Thanks for the reply! I think i'm going to pass on this. Good luck with your sale!
  4. I might be interested. Do you know if any of the electronics like the motherboard and led stripes are working? Was there water in the motor?
  5. I'm interested for $375 if this is still for sale. Check PM. Thanks
  6. It depends where you plan to put the switch. It's maybe a 3 if you put the switch where I put it (USB PORT)? It'll be more work if you put it under the handle since you'll need to take it apart to drill the hole for the switch. I also replaced it with another switch that looks and work much better than the original one I posted on the other thread. Not sure where you heard that from but mine is working pretty much 100% of the time.
  7. You can easily add one if you want it.
  8. Yes, it's working properly. The button doesn't deactivate the motor if the wheel is in motion. Definitely a mod worth doing since it's so easy and cheap!
  9. Thank you @Seba for this update!! BTW, the link doesn't work since download is missing a "s". For the live map service, is it possible to add a delete function to delete the unwanted tours?
  10. My custom MSX switch also does not activate when the wheel is in motion (Just tested it since I was curious what would happen if it was accidentally pushed during motion.).
  11. You also cannot make a mistake as long as you purchase a momentary button switch that's Normally Open (On). You should watch the below YouTube video to get a better understanding how the switch work.
  12. Looks the same but another brand? I'm sure many of them come out of the same factory though. It's basically the same thing but just worded differently. On = open Off = closed
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