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  1. Added updated screenshot with current mileage.
  2. I purchased this wheel from Jonah @techflyjy with around 1400 km on it and modded it with the 2.5" tire after the first 20-30 miles. The below screenshot was taken a couple of months ago so it currently have around 16000 km (Will post another updated screenshot later). I don't think I put more than 100 miles on it since the mod so the tire is still in brand new condition. Rides great with no issues and the shell is still in very good condition. I'll also include the original tire & charger that came with the EUC. I can also change it back to the original tire setup if that's preferred. I'm only selling because I prefer to ride the MSX more now that I gotten used to it. $950 - prefer local pick up since I don't have the original box to pack and ship it.
  3. Hello, are there any 3D printer experts here? I need some advice and hope someone can help me. I recently won an Ebay auction for what I thought was a brand new Creality Ender 3 but it turned out to be the CR-8 (without laser) instead. This printer seems be be around 3 years old or maybe older?? My question is, should keep it or return it and purchase a new model like the Ender 3 instead? The price I ended paying for the CR8 is around $150. Thanks in advance!
  4. This was purchased from Euc.NYC around a week ago so it's still under warranty and only have 37 miles on it. Like new except for a minor pedal scrape on one of the pedal. Comes with the new upgraded pads, charger and box. Decided the Kingsong 16s is more suitable as a commuter since it's lighter and more maneuverable. $1800