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  1. Thank you @Seba for this update!! BTW, the link doesn't work since download is missing a "s". For the live map service, is it possible to add a delete function to delete the unwanted tours?
  2. My custom MSX switch also does not activate when the wheel is in motion (Just tested it since I was curious what would happen if it was accidentally pushed during motion.).
  3. You also cannot make a mistake as long as you purchase a momentary button switch that's Normally Open (On). You should watch the below YouTube video to get a better understanding how the switch work.
  4. Looks the same but another brand? I'm sure many of them come out of the same factory though. It's basically the same thing but just worded differently. On = open Off = closed
  5. @Planemo is correct, the switch is normally open (like the motherboard) and closes when pressed.
  6. Mine also didn't have the silicone on the motor stop plug. I was mainly referring to the USB plug one that's full of silicone.... Sorry but I don't understand your problem. Are you saying your motor doesn't turn back on after you release the button? What kind of switch did you buy or used? Mine is working like how it's supposed to. You press and hold the button to disengage the motor and release it to reengage.
  7. The original Russian guy put the button underneath the handle. I also considered it but decided against it since it's more work. You would need to take the whole housing apart to drill the hole for the switch. I also didn't want to mess with the handle structure due to the hole and force needed to keep the button compressed. The USB port (useless to me) was the best solution since you don't need to drill any hole so it's completely reversible.
  8. 1. I thought about putting it there but I have no problem with where is it now since I have big hands. Plus it's also easier to remove the USB plug versus the power button. You just need to pry the USB up to remove it. This is basically a plug and play replacement. Very easy to do without taking the whole housing apart, you just need to remove the side panel. The hardest part to this mod was removing the silicone on the motherboard. 2. It actually doesn't stick out as much as you may think. It's basically the same height as the charger cover once it's compressed. The switch would also be the least of my worry if I take a tumble that bad for it to flip over....🤣 Honestly, I just purchased the cheapest switch I could find to test this out first. I will upgrade it to something like one of your link in the future. I'll see how this one hold up for now.
  9. It's a momentary switch, you press and hold to activate and release to deactivate
  10. Correct, it stop the motor from spinning when you lift it off so you don't have to turn it off.
  11. Sure, 1st picture posted by @houseofjob shows where the motor stop is located on the motherboard. 2nd picture is the switch I purchased from microcenter. 3rd and 4th pictures shows the enclosure I created for the switch in the same dimensions as the USB port and the final wiring. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Replaced the USB port with an lift/motor stop switch (thanks @houseofjobfor posting this info on FB) and thanks to @SuperSport for his fender parking stand and pedal pushers, + custom pads & plastidip pedals.
  13. You should be able to rent from here: https://www.euc.nyc/euc-rental/
  14. Hello, are there any 3D printer experts here? I need some advice and hope someone can help me. I recently won an Ebay auction for what I thought was a brand new Creality Ender 3 but it turned out to be the CR-8 (without laser) instead. This printer seems be be around 3 years old or maybe older?? My question is, should keep it or return it and purchase a new model like the Ender 3 instead? The price I ended paying for the CR8 is around $150. Thanks in advance!
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