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  1. OMG hahahaha this is funny
  2. I think they forgot to use their refreshed branding in that notice, let me fix it
  3. Hahahah, amazing. Did you see guys that official notice from LockSong? It’s the best advertisement for those three stores you can ever imagine)))))) now you all know where to go for a good priced wheels :)) that post does absolutely opposite to what was intended. And never worry about the lock: 1. you can always spoof IP address and turn off GPS 2. you can always use unlock methods available around (pm for details)
  4. I thought some of them are from Switzerland
  5. They can only know when it was produced , no way they can learn what did you buy it
  6. You mistyped it’s LockSong now 😁
  7. I’m pretty sure they don’t give a fukk about our small tread with 10 ppl. We have to spread this info on wider audience, share on your social media, help people around learn about true values of LockSong
  8. Cmon man, it’s clearly says “check out this fake news” 😁😁
  9. I know its a serious topic but it is not going anywhere anyway, if your wheel is locked you can unlock (DM me to learn how), meanwhile check out this fake news: The guy left the allowed geo zone and boom - updated firmware locked the wheel on the go telegram_video.mp4
  10. I've heard they are changing their brand name to KingLockSong to better reflect the new approach Couldn't insert the leaked video promo for some reason but it says here: "LockSong GEO18 - ride it anywhere within your backyard" 20208134320 2.mp4
  11. Is there a chance that the original post was set up to deliver KingSong message and scare off people from AliExpress. so their fat-dogs-dealers can keep getting away with never having wheels and parts in stock, don’t knowing how to service and maintain the wheel and ridiculously pricing them at the same time (except very few very good and dedicated dealers around the world who are really good in knowing their trade) and that set up went really wrong 😁 so when they realized that it’s going too far they decided to “unlock” the wheel but won’t “unlock” for anyone else )) you never know what ccp members have prepared for you [totally joking, I know this is a real case. ]
  12. DM me I’ll give you a solution how to unlock the wheel if it will get locked . It’s free, I know the way, just don’t want to post here so EvilKingSong doesn’t change their tactics )
  13. Even when you are not using official app it doesn’t secure you from a ban as bt connection is open and anyone can connect to your wheel and “update” it with that malware from KingSong it can by done not intentionally just someone connects to your wheel instead of their own
  14. Respect for that , appreciate it
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