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  1. No, It's charged. The biggest problem is the inclination, it doesen't stops at normal position, It stops as we were 45 degrees inclined to the front. Very strange... Probably a bad gyro position. I think I will disassembre the engine
  2. Hey Guys! I bought my inmotion V3 in Spain and bring It to Brazil, here there isn't any official assistance, I had a Flat tire, I found a video on youtube teaching how to disassemble the V3, I did It, I went to a bicicle store to change the tire chamber, I have to left there the piece with tires and motor, because they don't have the chamber at the moment. So I pick It up later, bring back to my home and assemble piece buy piece at reverse sequency. Till that, everything goes ok, but when I started It gives an Adivice of "LOW BATTERY", when It turns on, start an inclination of about 45 degrees, It seems like the gyro is in bad position. All pieces that I disassemble are in the right place, just the motor I don't know what they did to chance the chamber. Anyone knows what happens, and whant I can do to fix It? As here doesn't have assistance, I can't use my inmotion anymore. Thanks!
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