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  1. I forgot to buy the ticket in advance and now the website says that sales ended. Will tickets be available at the event entrance?
  2. I may be interested in this one. Could you please provide more details and the approximate price? It would be great if I could make a decision between buying a new EUC and waiting for this one as soon as possible. Looks like ewheels.com replaced this model with Tesla, which has less battery capacity. Isn't it produced any more?
  3. Hi. I own Inmotion V8 for over a year and I mostly like everything about it. I use it daily for short commutes (a couple of km, sometimes up to 30). However, the battery capacity looks obsolete nowadays, it would be nice to have range of about 70km. Also, I'd like to have a bit more speed, nothing extreme, 40km/h would be enough after 30 on V8. I don't need the most powerful wheel, just an upgrade without sacrificing maneuverability and weight too much, and I'm not sure whether it's better to stay with 16" wheel or move to 18". Can you give me some suggestions? I looked at King Song 16S, but the speed upgrade seems too small for the added motor power. Gotway Tesla looks like it has everything I need, but after some research on the web I have concerns about build and wiring quality, and the safety is one of my primary concerns. Maybe V10F? Or is it better to move to more powerful wheels right away?
  4. There are only Korean, English, Spanish and some packs with names in Chinese or something among defaults sound packs. I'm interested if there's German one available somewhere?
  5. There are only 6 default light patterns, and I dislike all of them. However, one of them has a part with bright orange lights. I tried to create a custom pattern with the same orange color, it looks the same in the app, but the color is very pale on the wheel. Does somebody know what's the problem?
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