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  1. That's strange! Most Hoverboards don't need a Torx Screwdriver as the back casing is secured by standard screw which only require a cross-head Phillips screwdriver
  2. Hello, We wouldn't recommend guessing the polarity or even attempting to fix this. Broken charger cables require a new charger. Having said this, the charger socket within the Hoverboard itself is easily replaceable and is cheap and simple enough to replace yourself. If you flip the Hoverboard upside down and remove the back casing to the power/charger side, you'll be able to see the red and black cable signalling which is +/-. Alternatively, you can attempt the old multi-meter trick. Should let you know however, that if you get the polarity wrong then you WILL risk sparking both the charger cable AND and charger pin, as well as possibly damaging your battery. Hope this helps. SWEGWAY-PRO
  3. Hello, Low battery indicators should be built-in to the motherboard of your Hoverboard. Therefore, if it isn't showing then it's most likely that this is an issue with your battery rather than the board itself. I would suggest replacing the battery as if there is no indication showing you this then as Chriull suggested you could risk under-charging and damaging the battery. Furthermore, there may not be an existing cut-off switch when over-charging the battery which can cause it to overheat. usually replacing the battery with a good quality cell can fix this issue. Hope this helps SWEGWAY PRO
  4. Hi Steven, I would refrain from attempting to solder the Bluetooth wiring connection to the Motherboard if there is no socket there to begin with. If you get the polarities wrong then you would risk short-circuiting the motherboard or the bluetooth circuit itself and will cost you a great deal having to replace these. Sorry to hear!
  5. Hi Rogerio, It appears as though it can be one of two reasons: Most 6.5 inch Hoverboards have a min. weight requirement of 25kg. However, some 6.5 inch boards require that little bit more. Otherwise, the gyroscopes will toggle, causing the Hoverboard to judder and vibrate underneath them. This is especially the case if they are not used to riding and are yet to become confident on the Hoverboard. Another reason may be due to the sprockets being either too long or too short. The sprockets are that which elongate and pass through the infrared gyro sensors when weight is applied to the footplates. Hope this helps! SWEGWAY PRO
  6. Hello, It's a common question believe it or not. The fact of the matter is that all Hoverboards generally have a maximum weight of 120kg. However, the minimum requirement depends on the model itself. For example, a 6.5 inch Hoverboard requires somewhere between a minimum of 20-25kg in order for the gyroscopes to function correctly (otherwise you'll experience juddering). However, the larger boards such as the Hummer Off-Road 8.5 inch Hoverboards and above require somewhere between 30-35kg minimum. If you have a 9 and 13 year old and don't want to risk losing aunt of the year, then we'd suggest sticking with a 6.5 inch Hoverboard. The Disco Swegways with Bluetooth Speakers are an excellent all-rounder and have ample colours to choose from. That way, both of your nephews would enjoy the same fantastic model. Here is an article for things to consider when looking at wheel-size: https://www.swegway-pro.co.uk/wheel-size-buying-hoverboard/ Hope this helps! SWEGWAY PRO
  7. Hello, If you have had your Hoverboard for this amount of years then it is likely that your battery has depleted. Although on the multi-meter it may show a high enough rating, it may be the case that it eventually depletes far more rapidly. Changing the battery on this model is fairly simple. If you're in the UK, we can fit it for you. You can fill in a Hoverboard repair form here here. Alternatively, if you're confident that the battery is in good health, then there may be another cause. Similar issues can be due to a wheel-motor or your motherboard. However, these are less likely to be the case. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi @MystDiamond_TDCL It sounds like either your battery needs replacing or your motherboard is fried. Best Wishes SWEGWAY-PRO https://www.swegway-pro.co.uk/
  9. Hi @Kiwidad The little loose wire is a Bluetooth connector which if you don't have a Bluetooth speaker will just remain as it is; that's normal. As for the reason why it isn't working; if theres completely no power to the board then it is either your battery or your Motherboard that needs replacing (or a combination of both). If the Hoverboard turns on while it is in charge, but not at all when not in during charge, then it is likely your battery. You can use a multi-meter and see if it is lively or not. Hope this helps. Swegway Pro
  10. Hi @Garfield, It looks like you might have a dual system style of Hoverboard which are pretty tough parts to source. Would you be able to take a photo of the entire Hoverboard from inside so that we can see the PCB's components you have with the board? That way we can perhaps establish whether or not a more common lithium battery can be installed with your system. Hope this helps Swegway-Pro
  11. Hi @HenrikBie It looks like the grommets on one side of your gyro is either too elongated and therefore pushing against the infra-red sensors, or there is a loose screw in the area which holds the grommet down. It's easily repairable. The best thing to do is turn it upside down, take out the 8 screws underneath and open the bottom casing to expose the internal components of the board. You'll then see the gyroscope PCB in the area closest to the wheel. Underneath that, you'll see the 2x grommets. It could be that one of them is either too elongates, or loose. Hope this sheds some light! Best Wishes, Moss @ Swegway-Pro
  12. Hi @oldhover Are you referring to the Hoverboard, as in the smart balance scooter? If so, perhaps we can help. We don't want to write you a full paragraph of information that would be unuseful to you! Best Wishes MA
  13. Hi @Kizechs, It could potentially be that one of your gyro sensors have gone. When you press the pads, does it beep at all? When you 'recalibrate it' does only one side of the LED's flash and not the other? These are typical symptoms of a failed gyro board and unfortunately it may be the case that you'd have to replace this. Hope this helps!
  14. Hi @vernoid, It could be due to a few reasons: 1. The Hoverboard pressure sensor nipples might be too elongated to an extent that they seem that the slightest of pressure is asking the board to go full pelt. You can check yourself, and if so, snip less than a mm off it at the top. 2. The Blue, Yellow and Green connectors on the motor might not be properly connected or incorrectly connected. Check that again. This could be why it is responding strangely. 3. The board might simply need a reset/recalibration. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi @Josip, Koowheel products are pretty well-built in most cases. We've personally had reports of this happening with their upgraded motors. We're not 100% sure, however, but it seems that the previous 250w motors allowed anybody from 25kg+ to ride the board with ease. However, the upgraded 350w motors seem to be an issue with a lower weight class. Riders who weigh less than 35kg experience inactive sensors or jittering of the board when riding. Hope this helps.
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