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  1. You are right. I think wheels should show the real range at whatever type of use you have. This would of course require some input. weight and wind facing area. then the app could use gps to estimate range. My point was that as long as the wheels and apps are simple, range should be stated in real world use terms. I ride at 20 kmh and have a 340 wh battery. I can ride 11 or 12 km at 20kmh before slowdown at warmer temperatures. with bare conditions and cold, I can ride 10 km. With snow you have to plow through and cold the wheel can go 8 km. This is air distance. not ground. H
  2. i go 22 kmh constantly. also i would addthat the wheel really cant do more than 8 in deep snow.
  3. Lol. I would see which one looks fried, buy a couple on ebay, disconnect the battery, discharge the capacitors and desolder the old one and resolder the new one. Perhaps a stronger set of them. I dont know enough about mossfets to know wether you can exchange them for stronger ones without causing problems. The cream you mentioned, I would use for lubrication certain places.
  4. looks like a system akin to one that could reduce weight of an euc
  5. actuallly you can schedule them. just provoke them on purpose, have them happen. try to recover or dont. You will automatically ride more conservatively and also your body will know what to do when things do go wrong. Trust me. Drive fast into potholes, overlean, up hill, side walks, snags, ice, everything. Wear protectino. perhaps a condom. This way you can safely learn what not to do. one learns best from first hadn experience. If you learn from others, you will allways have this nagging feelign that yo are artificially restricting yourself. with my traning regimen, you actually will wa
  6. When riding at max speed (which one of course does) It overestimates the range three or four times. Had 16, got 4. Real range is something like 10 km. How can I recalibrate it or have it take current use into account when calculating range?
  7. Who cares abot the uci. I dont. also. have you seen racing motorcycles? they handle fairly well at high way speeds. also fighting for position is when people make the whole peleton fall.
  8. knots. not miles. also a bike race requires you to jockey for positions in turns etc. lastly a less steep fork on bicycle with larger offset will give a moore stable ride.
  9. perhaps. It's just that I have had a few accidents on bicycle that were bad. So I know accidents are bad. Also I have had an Euc quit on me luckily while I have been prepared or in a low speed. however I have had a few bad ones at high speed. Point is that to get sufficient speed for commuting, an euc is not fast enough without also endangering your life and health. A bicycle is safer at the same speeds and can handle double the speed, say 40 with ease.
  10. It's hard when you guys keep upvoting me though. But seriously. Don't buy a wheel. They are fun but too dangerous. The down side is not worth it. If you buy one of the few wheels that make sense today. that is the TESLA. Or Gotway msuper 1600, you will kill yourself or maime yourself. You will become an ivalide cripple. Much better to get an ebike. Get an ebike with a throttle. 20 is at the cusp of what you can run off when these fail. To get any real speed say 40-50kmh you should get an ebike.
  11. If you hit a bump on the side of the wheel, it might snag you so you spin and fall. a more narrow tyre with little to impart lateral forces on it, is a safe tyre. profvided oyu are protected from falling into tram tracks etc.
  12. 2 years sounds like alot. I am sure that the doctors recommmend their best options, however I don't trust that doctors actually are up to date on procedures and technologies. I would take a look at what the researchers say to see if there are options that could save your shoulder before enough time has passed for the shoulder head to die.
  13. I think one could calculate the exact travel needed.My finding is that one should have at least 10 cm travel in addition to the 3/4 one gets from the tyre. perhaps more. I dont know exactly but that is my feeling. Also there has to be some delaysystem like oil in shocks or air or whatever. My thoughtwas matress material inside an airtigth soft box with small holes. Then air can leave slowly and prevent springiness, but still allow smooth riding. I find that on ninebot e+ at 5 kmh almost all normal obstacles ceise how do you write that word. seise? to be a problem. I dont think the relation is
  14. Jesus. I have been harping on this enough now. We need shock absorbing systems
  15. If I win I will directly or inddirectly subsidise myself.
  16. Yes it is. You just throw a few packs in the boot, and connect wheels with inbuilt motors. maybe take out the engine. or not.
  17. I have been riding in icy snowy conditions for some time now. Ama.
  18. I was wondering what uninspectable would mean in this context I concur. Most of my needs are covered by the euc, except comfort, weather proofing and safety.
  19. The wheel trying to kill me thing, seems to stem from the motor working hard on small bumps when slippery. Wheel overspins and shuts off. Also the process of parking the wheel in the appropriate place for it to drip dry and the snow and ice to melt while charging is way too cumbersome. It causes awkwardness with friends if you visit them. Better to have removablebattery, then you can take it with you. Of course some batteries are big, but they could come in smaller packs of say 200wh or something. perhaps different sizes. then one can charge the appropriate one for the range you ne
  20. Uninspectable? And why did you go for an euc rather than a car?
  21. As for cargo, I can carry stuff in my arms and back, but how could one make the luggage capacity greater? Also how would one increase luggage capacity on a bicycle? (no arms there)
  22. Short distance between insane and genious. I think I am on the razor edge.
  23. I can assuage your fears that I am a bot. I learn a lot from interacting with other mammals like my self. My name is HumaN. What is yours? blip blip. Nice weather today.
  24. You are right. I will add the appropriate resistor if I ever discharge a pack. Also I will not discharge the battery as that will damage the cells.
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