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  1. Thanks for the advice, I just set up EUC World yesterday! I'll post an update in a couple of weeks and let you know how it went. No Faceplants! 😄
  2. Awesome, with a little time I'll be more used to going a bit faster. Great footage btw, she definitely has more balls than me haha!
  3. This is awesome news! Just a little more information was required to boost my confidence on this powerhouse. I'm a very confident rider anyway and took to these little wheels easily. I did so much research before buying one I thought I knew it all, but no matter how much you read, or watch, you'll never truly understand until your riding. Agree with what you previously wrote about "Getting a feel for it". The power below your feet is incredible and you can feel when it's got more to give. I won't be riding at ridiculous speeds all the time anyway, just for clarification. This was a safet
  4. @mrelwood Thank you for your detailed reply. That's a massive help. So what I can gather, the danger is accelerating too quickly, especially with a lower battery? Also, just to clarify, as long as your not accelerating too quickly at a higher speeds, you should be fine as long as you heed warning from the alarms? I'm not a very erratic rider and tend to only go faster on quiet open roads so as long as I increase speed slowly, I should always hear an alarm warning me of speed or low battery voltage? I've only been on a handful of rides on my MSX so far and I'm really keen t
  5. Hi guys, After having an EUC for 3 years, I still have bits to learn. I currently have my first wheel; MSuper V3 and my current wheel; MSX. I have my first two alarms and tiltback disabled on my MSX and haven't taken it to top speed at all, therefore, I haven't heard the warning beeps for my last alarm. What I was wondering is at 100 percent battery, it's possible to hit the last alarm at say 30mph (Not sure what it's set by default) and slow down, but if I had say 50 percent battery, would the alarm still come on at 30mph or relevant to the output power, warning you from
  6. Hi guys, I've been wheeling around now for about 10 months and have a couple of queries about my MSuper V3. I've become a very confident rider now and I have my first two alarms disabled. Does anyone know what speed the third alarm will come on at? I've not heard it yet. Also, how is your top speed affected by battery power? I'm quite cautious whilst riding at around 20% (Normally to get home). Any advice is greatly received. Thank you Liam
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