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About Me

Uniwheel employee - Views expressed on this forum are my own deductions and observations and may not reflect the views of my employer... I am not here to sell uniwheels but to provide guidance and experiences I have gathered while working with unicycles.

1. Airwheel x3 - 100km (my first wheel I learned on it :), Honda JAzz )
2. IPS 101 - 20km (underpowered good range- Ford Focus)
3. IPS 113 - 20km (Womens uni wheel - Ford KA)
4. Rockwheel Gr12 Carbon - 100km (Mini turbo wheel, not comfortable for long journeys - Mitsubishi EVO)
5. Solowheel - 150km (It used to be most reliable uni prior to ninebot, would compare to-  US muscle car)
6. Ninebot One E - 1600km (I trus this one, but RIP - dead PCB, - BMW )
7. Inmotion V5 - ~30km  (Not for me, but I like the extent of detail and engineering that when it to the product,-  Range Rover)

Tested dozens gotways, sbu's, firewheels and other no-names you name it I rode it....

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