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  1. Hi regarding the battery pack's please do not confuse power and speed terms with range... Power Our battery pack is made of A123 cells in 16s1p even though it has small capacity it outperforms let's say 380Wh batter pack made in a 16s2p configuration with let's say Samsung (inr18650-30q). In THEORY our pack can deliver 132Wh (52V x 70A) 3600W continuous power while 380Wh Samsung pack will deliver (57Vx30A) 1800W of power - not to upset anyone this is just for simple demonstration of continuous power delivery of cells disregarding the discharge curves etc... Speed assuming a bigger battery pack would give you 5V increase in voltage just short of 10% it would mean that for our existing hardware you would get in theory 2.2kmh increase in top speed - as we are not planing to change our KV motor constant. Range Yes you get more range ; 18650 have much better power density - but for us we went down the avenue of higher power delivery battery packs which can deliver a more powerful punch when you hit that bump - no one else is using those cells are the other wheels are not made to cater for Europen heavy riders. We might release an upgraded battery pack later on in the year which would be a direct swap but it all depends on how well it passes our assessments For or a commute with steep hills I would really recommend using 2 of our power packs and swap them mid way through rather than one pack - I have tested both options
  2. Hi guys thank you for your interest in our safety features - just two things that inwant to clarify; there are couple of soft and hard interlocks that prevent cutoff in a situation that might result in causing injury to a rider. As a result you have to make sure the Uniwheel is not moving when you step off to active this feature, it's fairly intuitive. Those interlocks [limp home mode] also look after your safety when any problem is detected with the hardware and the device in case of faults should provide soft stop by tilting the pedals gradually up till riding is no longer possible and only cuts out when it stops. Saying this we still hope users will remain within the laws of physic - it's 1500W motor it's not invincible it only allows for higher safety margins! So please do ride with care... Secondly, you can opt out of user presence sensing through our app; kind of like you can disable ESP on a car. Down side of turing it off; you will loose the convince features when trying to walk up stairs or lifting the unicycle up in the air. Thank you The Uniwheel Team
  3. Hi Keith, Thanks for this comment we really appreciate your help here; I am sure you know how hard it is to launch a good product in a small team... We don't have time to get involved here as much as we would like as we are busy making a product with no mistakes, one which will not let you down and meet our high expectations! All team at Uniwheel have been working 12h days in-order iron out the last issues and deliver the product soon! Thanks for your support I am glad you understand reagrds Eryk on behalf of Uniwheel team
  4. Eryk88

    Beta test Program

    Hi There, thanks you for complementing the design and our features. I would like to clarfiy the power issue our motor is 1500W the simple calculation for the power is P= Te x ?. Which is speed times torque; Our design intent was to make sure that the Uniwheel has enough torque to keep a european heavy rider without being over powered, therefore we had to compromise on the speed (i.e lower the Kv motor constant). Lastly I would like to point out that 1500W is what the motor can deliver continuously for up to 10 minutes, but as you point out you don't use the whole 1500W at all times, normal cursing on a silky smooth road consume about 150W-250W so you have the 80% power reserve. 500W motor wouldn't give you the torque required and wouldn't be safe enough to meet our requirements. If you have any more technical questions please feel free to ask our uniwheel team. With regards Uniwheel London
  5. Hi Keith, Our official answer to this is: " The law hasn’t change since 1835, we are working very hard to update the law to bring it in line with the 21st century and future personal transportation. We have influential supporters in government. Almost everyone in the team including myself ride it everyday and we rarely have any negative comments. People on the streets are usually amazed and quite positive about the wheels in general. It's a natural process for every new technology really. It is similar to the issues Airbnb and Uber are going through; some countries are more conservative than others but it's progressing fast thanks to the wide public acceptance. We think the same will happen with the wheels." We are working with several lobby groups and PR agencies and we have a several good leads that we are pursuing but as for now I can only advise to wait a bit for further announcements.
  6. Hello Everybody! My name is Eryk and I am the Engineering Project Leader behind Uniwheel. I have spent the past two years building our team to help us deliver the best last mile personal transportation device. Our team has very high aspirations as we all come from very competitive and professional companies our aim is to change the EUC market and make it on par with the 21st century. We are just about to finish our R&D activity on our first product, we know its limitations but we count on the support of the community to help us overcome those and create the product we all have dreamt of. I would like to assure that all of our R&D team ride the uni at all possible times, I personally ride it to work daily [17km round trip], our lead mechanical engineer Kevin gave up walking over 8 months ago and always fights to get his wheel to ride home... as well as the other team members who are in charge of UI, Design and Accessories are all power users of the wheel! We have a good idea what makes a good uni it just takes time to make sure it lives up to our high expectation level before we are ready to release it to public. Thank you for your interest and we welcome your feedback Eryk
  7. Eryk88

    1st Post ;)

    Hi Everybody, Thank you for your support, there are couple of our engineers on this forum; If you have any questions please give us a shout and we will get back to you with all the answers. The quickest route to get hold of your uniwheel is to subscribe to our beta testing program, if you enrol in it you will actively help us with the product development and at the end of this program we will exchange your test wheel to a brand new production model. Please check our website for further details. Many thanks Eryk
  8. Hi Hank, we have a very competent team; our motor controller PCB was designed by an engineer who worked at Dyson, he was one of the guys that helped them develop their 'digital motor' controllers for their handheld vacuum cleaners. We also have people in our team who worked for many other reputable companies including Williams and Jaguar and Land Rover. @SlowMo, I think you might be thinking about some other A123 cells, we are using 16 m1b and they come in 26650 size so they are actually larger than the standard size. The whole uni ready to ride comes in at 10.9kg, I weigh 85kg and ride the Uniwheel the range can anywhere between 10km to 12km depending on my route and riding style. As for the speed I thin @Kevin answered this earlier on this thread. The name its a cool suggestion, we considered several options including foot sensors or user present system etc..., but after a team vote we stuck with with what we have
  9. https://twitter.com/theuniwheel/status/674667926046248960
  10. Hi, I am the project leader behind the Uniwheel, its a pity you say this because Uniwheel has been redesign from scratch, it uses our patented direct hub motor housing, new light weight chassis and pedals all designed by our mechanical engineer who came from Williams and his F1 experience of design super light components allowed us to lower the weight of our product by at least 2kg. Furthermore, our modular design allows you to open the Uniwheel case and access the tyre within less then 2 minutes, making it very easy to change the inner-tube in case of a puncture. The plastic cases themselves are made out of a very special plastic (titan) which is virtually unbreakable please check out the video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcFYVKfSUNM The device itself is on a different level from all other EUC's out in the market, and features many other patented technologies including proximity sensors, pickup and pedal position detection. I must agree however that even though 132Wh batteries don't sound that attractive at first but when you consider that we use A123 cells allowing us to support the full 1500W of our motor power and allow us to make sure we have no issues with BMS cutouts giving the user this extra peace of mind. Lastly one of our requirements is that everyone on the design and engineering team uses the EUC on daily basis. If you have any questions about tech specs, innovative features in the Uniwheel please send me a message on here and I will try to reply. Thank you Eryk PS. the Uniwheel is made in the UK
  11. Hi guys, thank you very much for the support - the petition is offline because it needs to be validated by the website for some reason I will keep you posted
  12. Strange try cleaning your Cache and cookies - saying that I have issues accessing the petition too
  13. Nice one thanks please remember to share on your social media! Let get some good numbers!
  14. Hi everyone, We have all read in the media today that UK is clamping down on self balancing devices! Lets try to put a stop to this and show our unity on this matter. Let's try to change the law...!!! l have came a across this petition set up by Steve Miltion. If it gets over 80,000 signatures it will be discussed on the House of Commons! Let's start signing! Please let's spread the word on social media and get the numbers we need! Let's do it for EUC! Thank you for your support #UKridesEUC ---------------------- Allow the usage of self-balancing scooters on public footways and cycle lanes Electric transporters can reduce the number of buses and cars on the streets. Due to the Section 72 of Highway Act 1835, on 12th of October Crown Prosecution Service released a guidance under which the usage of hoverboards and electric unicycles on the public streets would be illegal. Electric unicycles and hoverboards are safe and emission-free transportation devices that have gained popularity in the UK and worldwide since 2012. The devices are portable, they do not require any parking space, and also have restricted speed. Normal riding speed does not exceed running speed. There is a UK manufacturer producing high-quality, stable and safe electric transporters. This company created jobs for over 50 people and represents a significant innovation in transport industry. Click this link to sign the petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/signatures/3689753/verify/jFFUC1F5dv6kEngpgz
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