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  1. One of my favorite things about the wheel seems to be one that many people hate which is turning at speed. You have to really lean into the turn and the wheel feels like it’s laughing at your feeble attempts to make it tilt. 😁
  2. I haven’t had any issues except the battery will drain out if you leave it sitting. Otherwise I love it
  3. Thanks mrelwood! that makes me feel quite a bit better. I love the Z10 but Segway exiting the market makes it very unlikely we will see firmware improvements etc. it’s a real shame because I think they were on to something. I love how the z10 rises compared to my other wheels. Though the KS18xl is very tempting 😂
  4. Been riding my Z10 since close to launch but just heard ewheels is no longer selling them. Now I’m super concerned about getting any support should something go wrong. That’s a real bummer. Should have stuck with Kingsong.
  5. After watching the video I think the blame is due to a patent troll and has nothing to do with Trump
  6. I never really enjoyed using the seat in my KS18 but man riding that thing after being on the Z10 for a while feels like riding a rolling wall. It’s so incredibly stable.
  7. Appreciate it. The Z10 is a weird animal. It’s kinda squirrelly. Turns like a tank. Bounces like crazy but I still love it.
  8. Hey All! Haven’t been around in a while but I needed to stop by and get some advice. Since I got my Z10 I just don’t really want to ride any of my other wheels. Had no trouble selling my Onewheel for $1000 which was a shock but I wanted to see what you all felt was a fair price for an almost new KS-14S and bruised up KS18S (first wheel). Thanks!
  9. Wanted to report that I am finally the proud owner of a working KS14S. I love the wheel and @Jason McNeilhas been great helping me get things straight. Much happier with this small wheel.
  10. I actually use mine to walk my German Shepherd Dog. ? He has too much energy to wear him out just using a normal walk.
  11. I’m so sorry to hear this... your injury sounds remarkably similar to the one my brother experienced on his onewheel. His shoulder separated and it popped his lung. I hope you heal quickly. I myself am a boring rider than rarely goes over 10mph.
  12. Holt, I can only assume it worked but I maybe rode it 10 feet. I’m super bummed at the moment. After the first failure I actually emailed Jason and asked if I should try to update this one and was told it should be fine. I have faith it will be worked out but having to just have a $1300 dead wheel sitting in my garage all this time really sucks. I do have the KS18S to ride but this was supposed to be my portable wheel to take around town. While I love the 18 that is one massive wheel and not super friendly for hauling around in the car or on trips.
  13. Yeah it’s frustrating. Especially since I spent $120 for the initial expedited shipping ?
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