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  1. On the new engine it is still written 2000W. But this one seems to have more torque. In any case, it is really silent.
  2. Taken 2 weeks ago, still no update found
  3. Great question. Mine have firmware version 1.0, so it seems to be a new motor, new controler, and new firmware version...
  4. I can confirm that the motor is really silent. Seems not. No, same pedals
  5. Some informations about the new motor and controler here : https://ecodrift.ru/2019/10/23/novinka-na-sklade-ecodrift-kingsong-ks-18xl-v2-chto-izmenilos/ It's the second significative upgrade of the KS-18L/XL this year : https://ecodrift.ru/2019/07/22/kingsong-ks-18l-spisok-izmeneniy/
  6. Hi there, The shell of my KS-18S broke at the pedal support. So, it's a little loose now Does anyone know if the shell of the KS-18A is compatible with the KS-18S? And what about the connectors of the accessories? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I wish to disassemble my wheel because I have two loose screws on the shell. I also want to seal the wheel arch to make it really waterproof. I've made holes in the pads so I can remove sides easily. My firts question is how can I remove the top plate ? It seems that it can not slide because of the radiator and the bell mounted on it. Any advices ? I will upload more photos as I progress. Thanks.
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