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  1. Well, I finally had my first attempt at riding since I got the wheel back and everything seems good (my 4th time ever, and was finally able to beat that 15-foot mark and make several circuits around the basketball court) — thanks Jason/Joey/ewheels!
  2. Well I'm glad to hear the problem was replicated — I have to admit I was kind of worried that it wouldn't be replicated and I'd wasted your time.
  3. the first time it happened (the buck, and then a few seconds later the out of control spinning) it was while I was rolling it back to the fence I was using to learn with. The second time it happened was when I reached the fence and started rolling on it. The only time I lifted it was the first time, *after* it had started spinning uncontrollably. The second time it shot out while I was trying to ride it so I didn't have an opportunity to lift it. I don't exactly trust it enough to try learning on it. As in, if I were learning to ride a motorcycle and, twice, the wheel started spinning uncontrollably, I think I might maybe not trust that motorcycle anymore. It's disconcerting to think it could shoot out while learning, but it's even possibly more disconcerting to think that it could happen while riding out in the street amongst traffic. The only positive is that it seems to give a sign that the wheel is about to spin uncontrollably by bucking once a few seconds prior.
  4. That was the thread with the video that showed me I should turn it on its side to stop the wheel, but I think my problem was a little different as my 16S didn't say "overvoltage", just "decelerate". Mine also gave me a warning buck before the wheel spun at full speed, and watching the video in that thread it didn't look like that happened with his wheel. I did contact the seller, so hopefully he knows what to do.
  5. The first time it happened I was rolling it to the fence I was practicing with so I was able to pick it up when the wheel started spinning uncontrollably. The second time I was riding it with one hand on a fence and didn't have time to pick it up because it shot out from under me at full speed.
  6. So I'm a total noob and after much reading and youtube watching, I just got my first EUC (a KS 16S) a few days ago. Having the usual discouraging time learning to ride (but I know I just need to practice), when today (my third day attempting to learn to ride) my 16S did something that I think isn't normal behavior. While rolling it back to a fence I've been learning with, it bucked, then acted normally for the next 5-10 seconds, and then the wheel spun out of control saying "DECELERATE!" until i tilted it sideways and then turned it off like I saw someone do in a video I saw on this forum. I then reached the fence, turned it back on, rode for a few feet, felt it buck again, rode another couple of feet, and just like it did before, the wheel spun out of control, the difference being that previously i was rolling it so i could pick it up, this time i was standing on it so it shot forward at full speed and spun and bounced uncontrollably for like 10 feet while saying "DECELERATE!" (luckily the basketball court I was practicing in was empty). Anyone else experience something like that with their 16S? If it helps, here are some specifics as to how I've been "riding" (if you can call flailing around in a herky jerky manner for 10 feet at a time "riding") since I got the 16S: It's only my third day trying to ride an EUC the 16S has never had a bad fall (and has extra padding i taped on) until today when it shot forward and spun out of control I'm always moving pretty slowly (in my learning I actually have a hard time keeping up my speed and eventually have to step down because I've slowed down too much) I've only practiced in a flat asphalt basketball court my previous two attempts were at night when it's been relatively cool, today it was around 75°F and not particularly humid I'm not using a leash (instead I practice when nobody's around and taped padding to my 16S) The fence is a crutch I've been using to get my footing and start moving forward, after which I try to veer away (but sometimes I can't)
  7. A few replies to comments people have left: 1. Thanks for the tips on places to get the V8! If the kill switch isn't that big of a deal I guess I'll concentrate on the KS16S. 2. Good to know about the KS16S cutout on startup if you're starting from a pole/rail/wall. I'll make sure to watch out for that if I end up getting one (which looks pretty likely). 3. I hadn't heard of the gotway moonwalk. There sure isn't a whole lot of info out there on it but I'm actually pretty intrigued as the large wheels and the shock-absorbing trucks look pretty key. I'm also a big fan of no remote to have to hold and the large wheels seem like a good pairing as you won't accidentally put a bunch of pressure up front when you hit a pebble or seed or something. I also dig the handle on the end that you can use to pick up and roll it behind you. It's hard finding any solid reviews on it other than that speedyfeet quick look at it tho'. 4. I get the impression that price and range are the two main reasons why the onewheel hasn't picked up more momentum. I'm thinking I might get one to use at a later date after getting an EUC because they just look so damn fun. 5. The KS16S is the main model I'm considering mainly because before that the inmotion V8 hit every single thing I was looking for in my first EUC (price, range, built-in trolley handle, kill switch, 16" wheel to soak up bad roads, good reviews, sufficient top speed), but according to the ewheels website, inmotion is renaming the model and jacking up the price by 50%, and ewheels suggested a KS16S instead. It's a little more expensive than the V8 and it doesn't have a killswitch (which people have said isn't a big deal), but it sounds like a solid EUC. The reason the gotway ACM wasn't on my radar was because the trolley handle wasn't built in.
  8. Good to know about the kill switch not mattering that much because I was mainly thinking about it seeming nice for when I'd have to pick it up for curbs and stairs and whatnot. For shopping and other places where I'd have to walk, I'd use the trolley handle, and a lack of a trolley handle, to me, is a deal killer as I now know that my e-skateboard's 17lbs (7.5kg) is annoying to lug around so the heavier weight of an EUC would be a major pain.
  9. Yeah, I know the KS16S has better specs than the V8 — it's that kill switch when picking it up that keeps me going back to considering the V8.
  10. But isn't there some sort of region lock or something on the V8 so you have to buy it from an authorized dealer in your country if you want to unlock the V8's full potential? I seem to remember reading about that in a thread or two somewhere or seeing a video about it on youtube while researching EUCs.
  11. Hey all, thanks for your replies — they were super helpful! That whole cutout thing was a pretty big concern of mine, but it sounds like for the type of riding I'm planning on doing (i.e., carrying groceries and whatnot at around 10–15mph), an EUC, and more specifically, the KS16S, is probably the way for me to go. To be honest, since I've been skateboarding for a couple of decades, what I *want* is the onewheel+, but the combination of its short range, lack of swappable battery, and having to pick it up and carry it if I'm not riding it is a deal killer. If just one of those drawbacks were eliminated I'd probably get one, but all three combined keeps me from pulling the trigger on the onewheel+. But, yeah, hopefully in about a month I'll get that KS16S and start riding! Thanks again, everyone!
  12. After having used an electric skateboard around town (mainly for transportation) for the past couple of months I realized that enough of the roads around here are a hair too crappy for said skateboard — the board can take it, but I find the ride too rough. Now I'm thinking about switching from the skateboard to a KS16S (or a onewheel+, but that's another story), but having watched a crapton of EUC youtube videos and having browsed thru that "If you fell off EUC and got injured in the last few years, how are you all doing now?" thread, I had a few questions about cutouts: 1. How common are cutouts? As in are cutouts one of those things that aren't so much a "if you have one" thing as a "when you have one" thing? 2. From what I've seen and read I get that the beefier the EUC, the lower the risk of cutouts, and the closer you hang out at the max speed of your EUC, the higher the risk of cutouts, but what are some other things that raise or lower the risk of cutouts? 3. If I'm around 175lbs (80kg) and I don't plan to go much faster than, say, a bicycle that's cruising around (that's about as fast as I care to go on the electric skateboard), are cutouts something I should worry about if I'm looking at a KS16S? And unrelated to cutouts, I have two other noob EUC questions: 1. If I'm buying in the US, is ewheels.com the way to go? Or are there other sites I should also be looking at? 2. Is carrying grocery bags in your hands while riding an EUC a bad idea, balance-wise?. What about shifting the bags around like you might do if you were walking around with heavy bags and your hands were getting tired? 3. The inmotion V8 was the EUC I was actually interested in (because in addition to the 16" wheel and extendable handle in the KS16S, the V8 also had a kill switch for lifting it) but it sounds like ewheels.com is not going to carry it anymore, and I also got the impression that ewheels was the only official distributor of the V8 in the US. Are there other legit outlets that will now carry the V8 in the US?
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