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  1. If a beginner wanted to use this wheel for learning could pads be added temporarily to provide stability by sacrificing some of the maneuverability? Was thinking about getting the 14s but this would seem to have more longterm viability when I want more past the beginner stage. And also allow me to go faster in group rides in the future.
  2. @jdsr4cWhat ended up happening with your ACM?
  3. Wait what?! I literally have been messaging him on Facebook about shipping my wheel to him 2 days ago! Is this true because I may never receive it back then?!
  4. Videos are hard to load here! Is it best to load it onto YouTube first?
  5. ACM 1300 is my new wheel but also my training wheel. I went with the wheel because of a deal I couldn't pass up. So it has endured some bumps, scrapes, drops, etc. Finally getting the hang of staying on for a few minutes at a time and the wheel starts bucking, basically oscillating back and forth then just dumps me. I turn it back on and I hear strange engine whirring. When I try to move it with my hand the wheel starts furiously spinning and won't level out. This is also accompanied by a lot multi-pitched beep and alarm sounds. Very loud ones. When I turn it on and don't move it I just get the revving sound like a car in neutral having the accelerator pressed. But it doesn't start buck forward and backwards until the second I try to move the wheel.
  6. Does this count as talking to myself? For the record I have had great customer service with Brad. I understand the nature of online purchasing and the unknowns but I don't know any other business period that has gotten on Facebook messenger and exchanged what must be 50+ messages with me and counting. Honestly many of my friends don't respond that quickly and at almost any time of the day. So I'm sure he will go to any reasonable extent to help. My dad yelled at me for for bringing the wrong creamer over to the house the other day haha. And then went and exchanged it at the store. Taking $200 off an already discounted wheel was pretty legit imo. Haha that's the first time I've used 'imo'. I'm feeling like a forumer now for sure! Oh and he's sending me a free replacement shell. I know he has a budding business and I don't want any bad rep attributed to my comments.
  7. Yeah that was me. Your seams look beautiful compared to mine!
  8. Do you think this would ever be possible for an ACM or not even useful?
  9. Yeah the guy actually told me not to follow suit regarding the safety gear. But who knows, maybe the fedora is actually a fedora shaped custom helmet ?
  10. Mine was test ridden and firmware updated 7/17/2017. And no it's an unbelievable deal. They are sponsoring Tishawn Fahie on YouTube. He's getting the first Tesla in the US. Yeah I'm still waiting for my safety gear to get here tomorrow haha. And I still need to realign it. But he paid me 200 basically to fix it myself so I'm down with that. Probably throw on some 7 dwarves, roll up the sleeves, and start doing some screwdrivering. Definitely a word.
  11. Well he is giving me a $200 partial refund and shipping my charger asap. In the end I have paid $650 for a brand new ACM 1300. I don't care that there are problems. Any smart person knows things can happen at anytime. But his follow through has been excellent which I appreciate the most.
  12. I'm just going to do the repair myself and he's giving me a partial refund and sending out the charger. To be continued!
  13. Yeah he is actually communicating with me as we speak to fix it. He said he forgot to put in the top Styrofoam that secures it and has the charger. He found the extra top that was supposed to be in my container. His name is Brad Webster and he is the admin for the Facebook group Gotway America. So he seems legit because he's actually very good at communication.
  14. Remember this was the ebay auction for 850. It wasn't gotway because these were tested by him according to the writing on the shipping box and the manufacturer box inside of it.
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