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  1. Batteries are the same on high speed and high torque, you should be able to just swap them over. The high speed and high torque use diffrent firmware that are specialized for each motor. You should not run a high speed motor on high torque firmware.
  2. Absolutely not, that would be stupid. Im excited but not that excited . This is as far as im aware the only price that has been released atm, I assume this is the price but i dont know for sure. It is similar to what people have predicted.
  3. https://www.phaserfpv.com.au/products/gotway-monster-pro Assuming the price is in AUD, 5000 AUD = 3440 USD
  4. Wont it be almost impossible to access the torque of a 4000w motor in a 24 inch wheel? As i understand EUCs, when wheel size increases you have to lean more to get the same acceleration as on a smaller wheel. Its already very hard to use all the torque the msp has at lower speeds, wont this just be worse? Or am i missing something?
  5. I heated the print up a little with a hairdryer, just so its slightly softer, then it bends with no problem.
  6. I found a 60/100x12 tire https://www.thansen.no/scooter-moped-mc-mx/moped-og-scooter/dekk-og-slanger/crossdekk-offroad/12-/bridgestone-cross-m403-60-100-x-12/n906437/pn906438/ That translates to about 2.34 inches wide. That should fit the nik? Thanks for the help Also, will i be able to reuse the stock tube, or will i have to get a new one?
  7. Does anyone have experience with a knobby tire on the Nikola? Im looking for a tire for winter/off-road riding, I’ve been looking at the Shinko sr241 3.0-12. Will it fit the nik, or are there other tires I should ble looking at?
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