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    Current: Gotway Nikola+ 100v 18650 (4000 km), Veteran Sherman (250km) Previous EUCs: MSX 84V, KS16B, Airwheel x5
  1. Im having a similar problem, EUC world is not appearing in galaxy store. When I use the link above in this thread it says "This content is not compatible with your phone" and an error code (ZYX3aQy8C4:2290:9908:124998c46003). I have a Z Fold 2 and Galaxy watch 3.
  2. I have also been experiencing the same issue. It randomly switches from positive to negative, I have not figured out what triggers it yet. Thankfully the number seems to stay the same, just going negative or positive.
  3. Rico

    16x3.0 offroad tire

    That would be sweet! Please post in the thread when you get the tire if it fits, and its riding characteristics. If it does fit(or fits with some minor modifications) I would be interested in buying one of them from you :). You are also installing it on a Nikola?
  4. Rico

    16x3.0 offroad tire

    Does anybody know of any offroad/winter tires that will fit the nikola? I tried this tire: https://www.thansen.no/scooter-moped-mc-mx/moped-og-scooter/dekk-og-slanger/crossdekk-offroad/12-/bridgestone-cross-m403-60-100-x-12/n906437/pn906438/ but it is made from indestructium and impossible to get over the rim without destroying the tube in the process. So I had a look at 16 inch offroad bicycle tires, but it seems like nobody makes anything that is more than 2 inches wide. The widest I was able to find was 1.9 inch. How will this affect the ride compared to a 3 inch wide tire, shoul
  5. The nik has a 2000w motor, not 2500w.
  6. The LG batteries are the new ones, the old ones were Panasonic. It is very possible that they have not updated the pictures and it will come with black pedals, I dont really see any point in painting the pedals anyway. They will get scratched eventually, and then they will imo look really ugly with metal colored scrapes on a otherwise black part. No I did not velcro my handle down, I then proceeded to crash once and now the handle is pretty messed up, so I highly recommend you do velcro it down and avoid the mistake I did. Trust me if I could just "not crash" I would definitely do that
  7. The fire was a one time thing. Only some of the early 100V 21700 nikolas used the cells that the one that caught fire used, gotway now uses diffrent cells that haven't caught fire yet AFAIK Im the same height as you, the trolley handle on the nik has been almost the perfect height for me, I also had a 16S before and it was to low for me too. In my experience it depends a lot on tire pressure, at lower pressures (around 20-30 psi for my 110kg fully geared weight) it easy to turn at high speed with not that much gyro. But i ride at around 45-50 psi normally, and there definitely is a l
  8. Rico

    Gotway RS

    Only the stock gotway app is limited to 50 kph tiltback. Both Darknessbot and euc world let you set tiltback to much higher speeds, on my nik+ i set the tiltback to 65 kph using darknessbot.
  9. Batteries are the same on high speed and high torque, you should be able to just swap them over. The high speed and high torque use diffrent firmware that are specialized for each motor. You should not run a high speed motor on high torque firmware.
  10. Absolutely not, that would be stupid. Im excited but not that excited . This is as far as im aware the only price that has been released atm, I assume this is the price but i dont know for sure. It is similar to what people have predicted.
  11. https://www.phaserfpv.com.au/products/gotway-monster-pro Assuming the price is in AUD, 5000 AUD = 3440 USD
  12. Wont it be almost impossible to access the torque of a 4000w motor in a 24 inch wheel? As i understand EUCs, when wheel size increases you have to lean more to get the same acceleration as on a smaller wheel. Its already very hard to use all the torque the msp has at lower speeds, wont this just be worse? Or am i missing something?
  13. I heated the print up a little with a hairdryer, just so its slightly softer, then it bends with no problem.
  14. I found a 60/100x12 tire https://www.thansen.no/scooter-moped-mc-mx/moped-og-scooter/dekk-og-slanger/crossdekk-offroad/12-/bridgestone-cross-m403-60-100-x-12/n906437/pn906438/ That translates to about 2.34 inches wide. That should fit the nik? Thanks for the help Also, will i be able to reuse the stock tube, or will i have to get a new one?
  15. Does anyone have experience with a knobby tire on the Nikola? Im looking for a tire for winter/off-road riding, I’ve been looking at the Shinko sr241 3.0-12. Will it fit the nik, or are there other tires I should ble looking at?
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