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  1. You need under development version 1.50 app, Android app can be downloaded from this Russia forum https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=51032.1098#topmsg Check post #1106
  2. No mention IP rating in their manual, I may got that impression from kswheel.cn overview of KS18(old model). So no official documentation regarding KS18L IP rating
  3. Me too, I have a LG urbane 2. I also hope we can have a stand-alone wear os app that can stream the realtime data from wheels directly. I have Inmotion, Kingsong and Gotway wheels, can help test and debug app. I am also learning Android programming(have Windows coding experience in c,c++,c# but no java kowledge?)
  4. Yes, I remember the user manual said so. I left the manual in my office, will confirm when I back to office. Or any other KS18L owner can confirm this?
  5. I think the little bit curve surface of KS18L side pads help the comfort feel. Yes, you can add or replace the MSX side pads but that will make MSX even wider and the discomfort should go away if I ride it more. English is also not my native language, what I mean is the big EUC may scare some pedestrians when I ride passing them
  6. KS18L. My daily trip is only a few km and mostly on pavement, I feel KS18L is less offensive to pesdestrian due to its smaller tire and outlook. Another reason is that my leg still feel hurt when mounting on MSX, guess my leg need more time to train the muscle adapting to rectangle shell shape of MSX
  7. Today I took a little time to measure the weight of KS18L and MSX, suprisely only small different: 48.2 lbs vs 49.6 lbs. MSX difinitely feel heavier than the nos.
  8. Upgraded KS18L firmware from 1.03 to 1.05, the motor disengagement when lifted should be more consistent, riding mode parameter tunning, power-on auto fan checking and other minor things
  9. I seldom allow my wheel's battery level below 50%, but I will try.?
  10. @Jason McNeilThanks Jason, I think I have enough self-motivation to start the porting effort and actually my ultimate goal is a stand-alone Wear OS app that directly connect to wheel and show real-time information from it independent of any other app. I am not sure whether it is possible but that's my target, and certainly it will take more time and the fact that I still learning Android programming didn't help?. But we definitely need more coders into our beloved EUC community and more collective efforts to make Wheellog a prefer app for different brand EUC.
  11. I rode KS18L more due to its lighter weight and trolley handle, MSX is too heavy to carry up stairs. I config both of them to hard/experienced mode, I can't feel the difference with regard to the acceleration/braking(may due to I am a less experience euc rider, less than 500km mileage and never rode over 25-28km/hour). I am still in the process of learning riding seated, hope I can master it when I move to my new countryside house later this year(This is the main reason I bought MSX, another reason is the early-bird discount, over $500 for both wheels). I never use speakers and mostly rode on pavement with pedestrians so I have learnt enough slow riding skill to handle those situation. You may need to adjust the tire pressure to make them better handling rough roads, with big tires (19"x3“ and 18"x 2.5") you have plenty room of releasing air. KS18L is my daily rider simply because I feel more comfortable riding it and MSX will be used for off-road/long riding trip. Edit - I spent more time learning Android coding in my last few days, downloaded/installed Android studio and Wheellog source code from Github. I am tired of those broken apps provided by Inmotion, Kingsong and Gotway. I have experience in Windows coding but none in Android. I also want to use my LG Urbane watch(Google Wear OS) with Wheellog, currently Wheellog only support Pebble and Samung Tizen Watches.
  12. The speed, tiltback and riding mode of my KS18L
  13. They both have IPX5 spec, protect your wheel from water jets at any direction Let's update the table -
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