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  1. All I can say is when I first came off my MSuper V3, it was because I was under false pretences that tilt-back would "Save" me going to quickly, and I had it set too high. Running a top speed with 60% Battery meant there wasnt enough power to tilt me back, when i needed it and it cut out on me, leaving me sliding across the car park and my wheel auditioning for gymnastics in the next olympics. Just take it easy at high speeds pal and my advice is; get used to riding it before going too quick and then turn it off. Learn yours and the EUC's limits. Take care
  2. My parents live quite close by, but the hills are a nightmare... Not anymore! Tend to visit my parents a lot more now. Also, my EUC is saving me fuel and money and doesn't mean I have to lose my parking space outside my house either. (This is very annoying!) Every excuse to ride!
  3. I can't help but smile when a child says to their parent "Mum, what is that?" Then they reply with "Erm, I don't actually know". Hehe! On another note, I had a drunken guy shout to his mates, "What is that? I'm having it!" Then proceeded to run after me whilst I was cruising. I took off and after about 50 meters he stopped by my friend, absolutely battered and panting like a dog, then said "Sh** me, he's fast!" Haha!
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. All advice is taken on board. Great attention to detail will now be priority. I also have a greater understanding about my wheel, and hopefully keep my pride intact in the future. Will get some media posted in the near future to show you all of my new mastery. Thanks again!
  5. @kour @Acturbo Hey pal, No wobbles at all. Just tipped me off the front. Think I was pushing too hard too quickly. Disabled my tilt back now but still have my second alarm on. I'm quite observant with my surroundings and I feel as though I've had my calling with this wheel. Feels really natural and comfortable riding now. Spent the first week learning the capabilites of the wheel and pushing the cornering and manoevering over obstacles so I know what I can tackle when I'm out and about. I don't ride at high speeds in general really so a little annoyed I pushed it like that for a friend to see me come flying off. I prefer a fluent ride than a fast one. Was only on 65% battery and if it was the tilt back that tried to kick in, I never felt it. Anyone know when the third alarm comes in? I'm using wheelLog to manage my ride, and seen my second alarm come in around 26kmh - 16mph. Trying to find out if the third will kick in, but if it doesn't them I'm coming off again, which is no good. Haha! Thanks guys! P.S Thank you @Marty Backe! Duly noted!
  6. No, the wheel still feels firm. Glad to hear that they're hard to damage. @Marty Backe I think you're probably right there. I don't ride that fast, was supposed to be a demonstration ?, although I've been hearing that if the battery power is lower then your power outlet lowers also meaning you can't ride as fast? Also, I've not heard a third alarm yet. Do you think the tiltback caused me to come off? Maybe it tried and I was too far forward so it gave in? Just shooting questions really. Seen a youtube vid of someone who did the same thing, except his alarms were going off. I thought I was being a good boy setting the tilt back lower than the maximum (42kmh). Do you think this could have been the issue?
  7. @KingSong69 @Marty Backe Thank you for your input guys. The calibration worked and now my light shines forwards and not 10° upwards! Seems to be fine to ride. I've dressed my wound and I'm going back out shortly. Any suggestion on settings to use? Especially for the tilt back. Annoyed that I've scuffed the shell and bent the handle, but I knew I was going to come off, just didn't expect it to be 20mph! If you can figure the answer to why I fell thay would be cool, because I have no clue. Thanka again!
  8. I have the 820Wh Msuper. I don't think it cut off as the wheel was spinning when I picked it up, then it shut off. As for the fall, I just went progressively faster, over approximately 30 meters, in a straight line, on tarmac. I was going quick but as I mentioned before, there were no alarms nor did Tilt Back work. I thought that was my safety mechanism and that it wouldn't let me go faster than I should as it was set to 42kmh before tilt back came on. Not sure when the alarms go but I've only disabled the first one. If it was my fault, any idea what I did wrong, so not to replicate this? Thanks @KingSong69
  9. @Marty Backe Thanks for your speedy reply. Yeah so if I hold it so the pedals are sat parallel to the floor, then switch it on, it tilts back about an inch. I'm new to this, so not sure if it does that anyway or because I'e recently put it in sport mode? The wheel stays rigid after its tilted a little and it's still ridable, I rode home, just super cautiously. Just hoping that I havn't damaged the gyro at all. I bought the wheel from a company in China, who directly ship them, brand new to you, from the factory. Came in the official box with tags etc, as you would expect to find. It was produced my Kebye Co. Ltd if that helps. The QC Stamp says QC02 2017-08-01 Pass. Thank you
  10. Bounced off my hip... Gloves did the trick!
  11. Hi guys, Looking for some advice really. Had my first crash today... Which I knew I would and was inevitable really. So firstly, I've set my tiltback to 42kmh using the Gotway app and disabled the first alarm. I was riding in a straight line, in a tarmac carpark and my Msuper decided it was going to chuck me off. I didn't hit any bumps, neither did my alarms go off. I didn't feel the tilt back come into play either so I was wondering if anyone knows the answer as to why I came off? I was sure the tilt back would let me know when I was getting too fast? The only thing I think it could be, was too fast acceleration?? Is that a thing? Secondly, can anyone give me advice with repairs? My Trolley handle came out as it was bouncing across the car park and has bent and will not retract. Annoyed! Also, when I turn on my wheel now, it seems to slowly tilt itself backwards when stationary? Any ideas would be a great help. Also, the wheel doesn't sit central. For the record, I rode it home fine, just a bit shook with some minor injuries. Luckily my wrist guards saved me, other than that I'm injured where there was no protection. Lesson learned. Please help, hate that I've mashed up my wheel after 2 weeks! Thank you!
  12. Liam Neil

    My First EUC!

    Thank you @eddiemoy I've noticed that it tends to go a bit crazy. Also, when you show people they always want to pick it up! Why? Haha. Then they freak out when it starts throwing itself about haha.
  13. Liam Neil

    My First EUC!

    Thank you @Keith @memelifestyle@meepmeepmayer All info logged and noted! You're all great!
  14. Liam Neil

    My First EUC!

    Thank you for the advice! Any information is greatly appreciated. Any idea what the difference is between modes? I switched it to sport but havn't spent enough time riding to notice the difference really. I think for now I'll stick with sport as it seemed okay just now. Thanks again.
  15. Liam Neil

    My First EUC!

    @KingSong69 Hey, thanks for the advice, it's nice to know your limit. Don't think I'll be going that fast though!
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