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  1. Just to let you know, WheelLog now support Veteran Sherman (release will rollout in Play Store during today)
  2. Hi, sorry for delayed response. This will emulating both bms
  3. Just change thermal grease to something good for PC CPU. Stock grease works not very well. In on-road conditions - I would say no. In hard offroad with steep slopes, mud - yes, it is possible to overheat. I did it several times.
  4. In this case mAh rate will be much less, and total number will be much less, so here you are right:
  5. KS and Inmo use 3.7v as nominal in this case: V11: 4.8Ah * 20s * 4p * 3.7v = 1420.8 Wh S18: 5.0Ah * 20s * 3p * 3.7v = 1110.0 Wh KS actually use 3.7v for all latest wheels, Inmo use random numbers 3.65 in V5F, 3.75v in V8 and v10f.
  6. Samsung 48G will give you the answer
  7. One more related to Ninebot Z BMS topic
  8. Hi all, Many users of Ninebot Z10 knows that if our BMS will be burnt - that is a big problem, and you need to buy new battery pack. I built some protocol emulator/converter which allows to use some third-party BMS like this It is well known series of BMS, which prove their durability and flexibility. I actually use two such BMS in Gotway Tesla (batteries built by myself). Besides this bms, you need Teensy 3.x/LC board, I use Teensy 3.6, just because I already had it. I know, teensy is not cheap, but I needed something with enough performanse and small size. Code is Teensy-dependant, because there are some NXP specific features used (snooze and disabling TX transmission). I hope someone will adopt it to some cheap STM board, feel free to ask me directly in Telegram @z_z_z-77 . Main problem is - this BMS doesn't fit in battery box (width about 62mm, 55mm in stock BMS), so I decided to remove battery box, combine two batteries to one, and connect it to this setup (you can find pictures by link below) I tested this build for two weeks, solved all the issues I had, and now I can share it This project read data from Xiaoxiang Smart BMS and convert it to Ninebot Z format data. If there are no requests from Ninebot - board goes to deepsleep with ultralow consumption. Everything works / emulated include Ninebattery, (except BMS firmware udpate by Ninebot App).. BTW I made WheelLog to read BMS data, because Ninebattery doesn't work on Android 10. Code (already) and detailed build guide will be published here: https://github.com/palachzzz/xiaoxiang2ninebot_bms_protocol_converter
  9. Some special build with Ninebot Z BMS reading support, including balancing. It will be added in main branch in Google Play a bit later (when I understand how solve some UI issues), but you can use it right now. How it works: Balancing reading: You can take signed version here (don't need to remove previous) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EeRzZiH9tGjWJwSGIdJXzTC1LszTKB6-
  10. The source code of the Wheellog is the only relevant place where anyone can get information about the EUC exchange protocols now. I know about the existence of some Arduino-projects for wheels, which took information from the sources of the WheelLog. Some other projects also scooped up information from there, for example this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vvv_valera_valera.EUCer (still in Russian only, but it doesn’t matter in general). The initial reason for my todays claim: I planned to release some code that did not previously exist in the public domain regarding wheel protocols. I'm not against that this functionality appears in EUC World or anywhere else. But I don’t like the idea if it works only in one direction (like it was previously for WheelLog, when some people did something but never returned it to WheelLog) I have never been true android developer, so all this time I did it by existence of free time, and interesting requests by comminity. The way I realized it - wasn't the best way, some bugs which were present in WheelLog for a long time @Seba fixed pretty fast. That's why I breathed a sigh of relief when Sebastian started contributons. I totally understand this, but I do not like the idea that Kingsong's inability to make a working application spills out for the community in this way. Surprisingly, this works. The EUC World comes from the existence of open source WheelLog. Some other projects appeared the same. But I agree that it was never good for WheelLog. Regarding active developing of DarknessBot - people ask for two years to add logs in DB, but only now there is Beta with logs realized in acceptable way. The same was with me - sometimes I was asked to add something I don't like or don't need, and in most of cases I never did it, I guess, it was the reason of you contributions @Seba , just think about it. So as I told, no claims from my side anymore.
  11. No way, only split it to another App, or ask KingSong to change their mind
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