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  1. palachzzz

    Ninebot Z Battery Mod 112 MJ1, 14s8p, 1410 Wh

    It isn't mine work, I just know owner of this modified Z6 and the guy who did it. You can see pics at the first post in this topic. I can add only one thing - it seems that it isn't possible to do that with Z10, because Z10 BMS is little bit larger, that's why it will not fit.
  2. palachzzz

    Ninebot Z Battery Mod 112 MJ1, 14s8p, 1410 Wh

    1410 Wh battery works well)
  3. palachzzz


    Agree with everything @who_the wrote. I have ridden 1220 km (758 miles) with unlocked firmware. Thanks @MRN76 again)
  4. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

    Did you set password in official App? Wheellog doesn't support it
  5. palachzzz

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    @MonoGerman, actually Ninetool isn't mine work, its @MRN76 work. Z10 battery nominal current is 60amps, higher currents isn't very good for battery. From my Ninebot Z10 experience - current below 40amps is normal at non-agressive riding. 60-90 amps - it is high current, but it seems it is ok (but not good for battery) And I would say that currents more than 90 amps - are extremely high.
  6. palachzzz

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Overlean in snowbank with 110 amps peak: 116 amps:
  7. palachzzz

    Msx 82v is some battery faulty

    There are only 3 options: 1. main board not very accurate (not a problem at all) 2. charger has low output voltage (it even better for battery, but you will have less mileage) 3. bad battery balance (not very good) So, to find out which one is yours, you need to take voltmeter and check battery voltage and charger voltage right after disconnecting the charger (at full charge). If the difference is not more then 0.5v then 3rd option isn't yours. If the charger voltage is about 84v, then 1st one is yours, or your voltmeter isn't very accurate. If charger voltage below 84v, then 2nd is yours, or your voltmeter isn't very accurate Please note, that most of cheap multimeters also have not very good accuracy on 100v limit, so it also may be inaccurate about 2v. But you can check 3rd (the worst option) by any multimeter
  8. palachzzz

    Msx 82v is some battery faulty

    You should not pay so much attention (3 pages ) to the voltage transmitted by the controller, they use resistors with 5% accuracy, so the output is the same measurement accuracy. Here is the new MSX controller, when powered by a battery in which is actually 84.2V (measured with a fairly accurate device). 1.8 volt inaccuracy.
  9. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

  10. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

    I need to understand in which version it was work.
  11. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

    @Marty Backe, if you want to make range test - just ride until the wheel turns off You don't need percents )))
  12. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

    Actually there is no "hardware" in remaining battery percents) Hardware shows only voltage, and then KingSong app calculate battery percent. Pure software )) And I would say that this is a very dirty software, because it does not take into account voltage sag depending on the current. Only Ninebot show hardware battery percent. But I know your position, and it is pretty close to mine