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  1. 1. No 2. Because he overleaned. It is not so hard to overlean z10 at any speed. Doesn't matter original firmware or not.
  2. Original tire looks very different when it taken out. But I already sold it, can't do that
  3. Maxxis offroad tire is really soft, turning a bit different than stock, but I would say - it is easier. If you never tried z10 before than some surprises waits you The main problem of offroad maxxis tire for me - it is battery drain. But for winter and dirty spring it is the best for me. Sorry, I can't it is not my wheel, I saw and rode it only once. I have it, but havn't tried yet, still waiting when my stock tire become dead (10k km for now). Only one thing I can tell - it weights twice comparing stock (1.7kg stock, 3.4kg duro, maxxis was 2.5kg as I remember
  4. It is Pirelli angel 110/70-13, to fit it the owner removed taillight and use 0.5bar inside. The thing is that tire size it is outside size. So with offroad tire the tire is smaller, but knobs are big, so you can partially cut it to decrease outer diameter. But onroad tire is bigger, to get the same outer size.
  5. No, onroad tire wouldn't fit, and there is a problem - nothing to trim. Pirelli angel already tested
  6. No, I don't feel any problems with that Stock, but I'm working on that Just look at previous page of this thread
  7. I spend about half a year in investigations trying to make 20s kit, 2 control boards were burnt and repaired, 2 mosfet boards were burnt and repaired (high repairability of z10 is really good thing). So, finnally I realized that I need go deeper and deeper to finish. So in some moment I decided to cool down and make 16s, it doesn't required hardware changes in boards. I tested this setup for a month or a bit more, than gave it to another rider for 1.5 weeks. Looks like everything works good. Z10 becomes much more performance. It also use this project But with 20s Bms which w
  8. 16s9p battery of Samsung 30Q for Z10, total 1598Wh, 67.2V, custom firmware (thanks @MRN76 as always), rotation speed - 96km/h, supposed maximum riding speed - 70-75km/h (but not tested yet, 61km/h tested). Thickness of the body from battery side increased by 3mm (no any issues with that). Using this idea maximum battery capacity - 1870 Wh if use LG MJ1 cells
  9. Just to let you know, WheelLog now support Veteran Sherman (release will rollout in Play Store during today)
  10. Hi, sorry for delayed response. This will emulating both bms
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