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  1. By the way, the WheelLog with Garmin support already in Play Market.
  2. @AllSySt3msG0, great job! thank you for your effort. Guys, just to let you know - I have a little free time for now, so I don't check this forum often. But I still able to update Google Play version if needed. I'll add @AllSySt3msG0's commits soon (It is under test right now). So feel free to send pull requests, or contact me via email if needed.
  3. Not possible. Indicator update once per 10sec, like voltage in app.
  4. Never seen such behaviour on V8. This example with wheel which is not transmits negative currents. Decreasing speed with voltage sag doesn't means braking, it also may mean hill, viscous surface or something like that.
  5. After testing of @Seba's version it will be published in PlayMarket
  6. @Electroman, speed unlock means speed unlock, not power unlock or something else. Nothing except speed. MSX is more powerful wheel, because it have more powerful battery.
  7. Gotway reports phase motor currents. It isn't battery current, it means that multiplying voltage*current doesn't mean power. Actually it means nothing, just some number.
  8. Gotway describes 80% power alarm in their documents. I guess, implementation is pretty simple - 80% PWM. Inmotion uses something like that for their "alarm", but the exact threshold is not known (about 70-80% PWM)
  9. It is not possible to ride 70 km\h on Z10, because of physics of BLDC motor (it is speed of zero power of Z10 motor at 50% battery). Something around 60 at full battery, and it decrease during battery discharge (voltage drop). See this topic, if you want more information about it
  10. If you brake really carefully, it will be much less. But regenerative braking it is only one option which is possible for braking on EUCs
  11. hm.. 70.4 it is around motor-cut-off speed at that voltage (battery percent). Most probably your wheel reach it after felt down. You didn't ride 70km/h. I see that you don't use LOGs in WheelLog, they will be very helpfull in such cases. Otherwise it is just usual overlean, without any information. throttling under 50% works as it was on stock fw: Maximum speed decrease by 5 km/h each 10%. But starting speed changes, so at stock FW it was like: 50% - 45 km/h 40% - 40 km/h 30% - 35 km/h 20% - 30 km/h With 60 km/h unlock it will be: 50% - 60 km/h 40% - 55 km/h 30% - 50 km/h 20% - 45 km/h With 55 km/h limit: 50% - 55 km/h 40% - 50 km/h 30% - 45 km/h 20% - 40 km/h
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