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  1. The source code of the Wheellog is the only relevant place where anyone can get information about the EUC exchange protocols now. I know about the existence of some Arduino-projects for wheels, which took information from the sources of the WheelLog. Some other projects also scooped up information from there, for example this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vvv_valera_valera.EUCer (still in Russian only, but it doesn’t matter in general). The initial reason for my todays claim: I planned to release some code that did not previously exist in the public domain regarding wheel protocols. I'm not against that this functionality appears in EUC World or anywhere else. But I don’t like the idea if it works only in one direction (like it was previously for WheelLog, when some people did something but never returned it to WheelLog) I have never been true android developer, so all this time I did it by existence of free time, and interesting requests by comminity. The way I realized it - wasn't the best way, some bugs which were present in WheelLog for a long time @Seba fixed pretty fast. That's why I breathed a sigh of relief when Sebastian started contributons. I totally understand this, but I do not like the idea that Kingsong's inability to make a working application spills out for the community in this way. Surprisingly, this works. The EUC World comes from the existence of open source WheelLog. Some other projects appeared the same. But I agree that it was never good for WheelLog. Regarding active developing of DarknessBot - people ask for two years to add logs in DB, but only now there is Beta with logs realized in acceptable way. The same was with me - sometimes I was asked to add something I don't like or don't need, and in most of cases I never did it, I guess, it was the reason of you contributions @Seba , just think about it. So as I told, no claims from my side anymore.
  2. No way, only split it to another App, or ask KingSong to change their mind
  3. Let's talk purely, I see that most of the functionality has not been removed, or rewritten. So you just changed the license at the request of Kingsong who flooded this business with money. I think this is unacceptable. But I will not ask (neither now, nor in the future) to remove anything from EUC World because end users of your application will suffer from it. But I needed to clarify this for myself.
  4. hm.. so you just changed license without waiting response from all contributors?
  5. Thanks! Don't think so, phase current sensors shoud see positive and negative currents during normal work (e.g. traveling forward), because of star-wending and nessesity of connecting different phases by differend sides. Exactly BTW, old KS wheels like KS-18A do the same - negative currents means something not clear (probably moving backwards). I didn't see full logs of it, so can't say more precisely.
  6. Tesla and MSX, well, I know gotway too good to say that it will be the same for all models
  7. Negative current values for other wheels - it's regenerative braking. That means that battery charges at that moment. For example, braking at low speed on ninebot s2 don't charge battery but discharge it, so it is countercurrent braking (I'm not sure about terminology in english). Negative current for gotway means that rider push pedals back, nothing else. Moreover, gotway shows phase-currents.. Any playing with numbers for gotway will not make numbers like for other wheels. Only one possible option - to look at Voltage, if it increase - that's mean regenerate. But gotway controller makes some voltage smoothing, so it need to take into account.
  8. Sorry, can't get the idea.. Previously there was abs(Speed) and abs(Current), no negative numbers at all.
  9. That's strange story, especially for EUC.WORLD :D Because WheelLog used ABS function for gotway speed and current. About 1-2 week ago I made some changes, now negative currents and negative speed are possible. Negative speed means you drive backwards, negative current means backward torque (it doesn't mean regeneration for gotway!) - So, if you will drive backwards current and speed will be negative - If you drive forward speed and current will be positive - if you drive forward but braking - speed will be positive, current will be negative. - if you drive backwards but braking - speed will be negative, current will be positive. I just wanted to get and understand all data available from gotway controller. We use wheelLog for measuring acceleration of different wheel, so sometimes this information very helpful.
  10. Almost the same, some minor changes, which is not easy to describe.. I would give you to try if we lived closer
  11. Actually I didn't have a choise, I tried to find some tire which possibly fit into Z10. Size of stock tire is about 120/50 - r13, The closest exist tire size 120/60-r13: Duro DM1092, MAXXIS M6029 and CST 6104, but all of them are semi-slick tires, I need something more aggressive for winter. So the next size: 130/60 and 110/70 - they are almost the same in outer diameter, but I decided to try Maxxis M6024 because I was able to buy it fast and cheap, and also it is possible to cut blocks from tire to fit it into Z10. Actually the problem is outer dimeter, but not the wide. This tire becomes about 115mm wide with 1 bar inside. When it was out of the Z10 with 3 bar, it was less (but outer diameter was bigger) Yes, that was the gratest concern about changing tire, but surprisingly - no significunt changes, behavior pretty close to stock tire with 1 bar, but much softer and switches modes not so abruptly. The main issue of this tire - battery drain it is about 30% more than stock with 2.5 bar (yes pressure also the reason for it).
  12. Maxxis m6024 r13 130/60 It requires to cut about 5mm in the center of tire, about 1-2 mm from sides, you can use usual knife, but power plane is better. Not more then 1 bar (15 PSI), otherwise it will rub the body
  13. Thank you for your work)) Without your contribution I will not start this work at all, because with you fork Inmotion was almost work, but speed was incorrect, that made me download the sources and fix this problem xD
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