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  1. Jhorid

    Msuper3 blinking leds

    In any case the wheel does not show up as a bluetooth unit anymore, and if I try USB WheelLog reports "Direct connection failed. Searching for Wheel..."
  2. Jhorid

    Msuper3 blinking leds

    >BTW, when you went to bed did you leave the MSuper turned on while you were charging it? Or was it off, but when you turned it on the flashing code started? It was turned off but hooked up to the charger when I went to bed. It was already blinking like this before I tried to turn it on this morning. While I was charging it from 25% to 50% before my quick test ride, I turned it on to check the charge levels on WheelLog now and then. I could then hear the wheel spinning from the bedroom while I was playing around with the app, so I'm quite sure I didn't leave it on by accident. Thanks for your advice, /Jhorid
  3. Jhorid

    Msuper3 blinking leds

    Thanks both for your suggestion. I do not have a volt meter, but I can probably buy one. There are so many wires coming out of the battery, though. How would I know which one to measure? /Jhorid
  4. Hello, I got my new Gotway Msuper3 1600WH 84V yesterday. It was at ~25% charge (according to WheelLog) out of the box. I charged it up to ~50% before doing a very short test ride, 100-200m, and it worked fine. I continued charging it and went to bed. This morning all 5 lights were blinking twice, one short, one long, continuously. I'm not able to power it off using the power button. The wheel does not run. I let it stay like this and went to work. When I came back, it's still blinking the same pattern. I found a youtube video on how to disconnect the battery (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF2ygW7L-jY), but when I reconnect the cables again the same pattern starts again. The wheel does not work, there's no other lights, nothing happens when I press or press and hold the power button, and there's no sounds from the unit. I can't find it as a Bluetooth unit anymore. I made a video showing the lights blinking: https://youtu.be/zdh_U7nHLzA Any suggestions guys? /Jhorid