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  1. So does that mean you are now allowed to use it in public because it's certified?
  2. Well i also asked the people from 1radwerkstatt.de given that they sell EUC's they should now some thing about the legislation. The response was: So based on that, if you have insurance worst case that happens is a 60€ fine? Not sure what the effect or reasoning behind the one point is...
  3. This week i'm going to Bremerhaven for work. I thought of bringing my ACM for hotel->institute travel... Based on this thread, I'd better not?
  4. Given that I had it open and time anyway... Slightly abused ACM with a blue tire Why blue? Black wasn't in stock, ordered red, received blue with note that red was in error in inventory so they gave my the blue for free. Below how the old tire tread looks after 4500km (according to app).
  5. Hm, didn't see the connection between levelling and the 'symptoms' but given that it solved the issue should have tried anyway. Thanks!
  6. So since a week or two, my 67V ACM makes noise (not grinding) and vibrates the first couple of meters it's used and it seems to be getting worse. If i leave it standing there for some time this doesn't seem to make a difference (which made me rule out the capacitors). But did notice that if i put more weight on the right pedal it noticably worse. Already opened it up and the axle nuts seemed to be tight (not really easily reached with a wrench). The fact that it seems to stop after a while has me confused... Any ideas?
  7. Doesn't do any of those. I was hoping Wheellog just messed up the settings but couldn't find a 'return to factory' button on the official app. Those buzzers seem suprisingly hard to find...
  8. It didn't beep in the process. Gues i'll have to find a replacement buzzer and hope it ain't the mainboard.
  9. So if you don't hear any beeps at all, it isn't a software issue but either broken buzzer or board malfunction? (ACM stopped beeping a week ago)
  10. Could it be that the app messed up the alarm settings of a gotway acm? Or is it just coincidence that the alarm buzzer stopped working shortly after installing the latest version?
  11. craio

    My fall...

    This is the hoodie I bought. Bit expensive but warm (-3°C and wearing it + windproof vest) and decent quality but fairly heavy (only noticable when carrying it, not when wearing).
  12. craio

    My fall...

    Pro-X but given that i slid face first I don't think having grip on the underside might have made a lot of difference. But another issue i got with the G-Form is that sometimes (if i wear them to long) I get a rash where that grip tape is, so having it on both sides might make it worse. The spot on the shoulder is probably due to the (fairly thick) strap from my backpack. Atleast that's the only logical explanation i got. Regarding the whole safety aspect. Pretty much everyone i know doesn't think it's a good idea to ride the euc (especially my parents after the accident). But the main 'issue' is that it's a fun way of getting around and for now i think that outweighs the risk. But not sure what i'd do if i had another crash of similar severity. I got 'lucky' that i could pinpoint the cause of the accident. If it was a cutoff or any other vague cause, i might have decided to store the wheel (wouldn't dare selling it for fear that the person buying it would experience the same).
  13. craio

    My fall...

    Well my height is 169cm and weight around 55kg so that's probably the reason i slid/flew far Age 33 (at the time) and somewhere between fit and not so fit (used to cycle to work until i got the wheel). The reason for the crack was either just a really hard fall or the force applied to the helmet travelled through and cracked the other side (crack didn't correspond to the part that hit the ground). I most of the time keep my kneepads on at work, to much hassle to take off.
  14. craio

    My fall...

    Yeah, that's probably the reason i've posted it afterall. At the moment i've driven (or is it ridden?) 1630km with my ACM (use it for commute, 10km daily). Not sure if it would happen again (balance issue due to tiltback) that i would still fall or be able to recuperate from it. But yes, if not for the helmet i'm not sure if i would still be around.
  15. craio

    My fall...

    So this happened a while ago, but for some reason didn't feel like posting about it (or even posting at all for that matter). But yesterday started reading up on the tesla and other crashes, so i thought i'd 'contribute'. It ended up being a fairly big wall of text, so i've put a tl;dr at the end. This happened back in september on a warm but windy day. Had the Gotway ACM for a couple of months and started to feel - maybe to- confident. The weather was nice and felt like accelerating but had a fairly strong headwind so might have over leaned a bit. The tiltback was set at 35km/h (used to be at 30 but got annoying to be tilted back all the time) and instead of slowly being tilted back (probably because of accelerating?) the tiltback was sudden which in turn caused me to lose my balance. Because i lost my balance i fell/flew forward and first landed om my right hand and slid a bit, then on the right side of my head and slid some more followed by either shoulder,elbow, wrist or pelvis on te left side and somewhere along the way i might have turned my head (atleast i recall seeing both sides...) and saw my wheel come to a standstill against a big sturdy flowerpot. Managed to get up go to my wheel, then couple minutes of trying to find my balance (probably cause i banged my head) inspected for injuries. Luckily i was wearing elbow, knee and wrist guards but unfortunately it was summer so just a tshirt and shorts. Because of shorts and sliding my knee protection didn't help much (just slid upwards) nor did the elbow guards (might have caught the first hit, but have roadrash). My shoulder didn't look to good though and the wound on side was fairly deep . So managed to get back on the wheel somehow and to make an even longer story short spend a night in the hospital with a heartmonitor and the following night under family supervision because the crash caused a small crack in my skull... But that wasn't it... I also had backpain and at first they thought just a strained muscle. Didn't improve in the following month or so, so went back for x-rays which didn't show anything, so advisement was fysiotherapy which changed the diagnosis to a touched nerve and another month later I still wasn't convinced it improved so they changed diagnosis to either a moved disc or something equally bad. So the suggestion was to first try an osteopath before an MRI. She concluded a locked rib and some other stuff (probably unrelated to the accident, but earlier surgery). These sessions actually felt like they made a difference and in february i was finally able to consider it at least healing... So pictures! Three pictures of injuries (as far as i was able to take them, elbow not included), one of the maybe overkill bandage they put on the arm and two of the effects on the gear. What i was wearing at the time was knee and elbow from G-Form and wrist guards from Flexmeter and just a standard bicycle/skateboard helmet. I don't want to think on how my skull or wrist for that matter would have looked and i'm pretty sure i'd have spend time in the ICU unit instead of a regular bed for a night. I think i used the wheel again november (had to wait a month for the cracked skull to heal) since then I replaced the helmet with a Kali Interceptor (for some reason i still don't feel like wearing full facial) and bought a kevlar hoodie with protective pads in elbow,shoulder and back (but don't use the latter). Kevlar because it lightweight and is supposed to protect in case of sliding. The wheel still works fine but disabled the tiltback cause i don't trust it anymore but all the other alarms are still active. tl;dr: Fell due to sudden tiltback (and inexperience maybe). Injuries limited because of wrist guard and helmet but overall road rash on knee, thumb, elbow, shoulder, pelvis. Small crack in skull and 'locked' ribs. Wheel survived and got back on after about a month or two but with a small protection gear upgrade.
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