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  1. chrio

    What is your experience with the KS16S until now ?

    I don't have another kingsong wheel to compare it with but I love my KS16S. I don't have the problems with creaking or the trolley handle mentioned above, but as other have mentioned the pedals require a lot of force to fold down and up. I haven't bothered with lubrication since I plan to mod them using magnets instead. The only other defect I have noticed is that the engine is causing a high pitch sound in the speakers when the wheel is rolling. Not loud, but it's there. The range seem to be a bit over 60km for me (~80kg rider, mixed terrain with some hills), but it's an estimate. I haven't gone lower than 20-25% before charging it.
  2. chrio

    What is this and how do I fix it?

    Sounds like you plan to patch the leak only after your boat have sunk already. It's your choice of course, but if you are worried about fixing it yourself, perhaps you can find someone else to help?
  3. chrio

    Good 16" EUC to bring on train/bus?

    If I had started off with a better 14" than the Airwheel X5 I may never have started looking for a bigger wheel. I suspect that some of the drawbacks that I blamed on the wheel size actually is due to the weak engine and different programming on my first EUC. Bigger wheel size is helpful in some cases though, which is another reason I was in search for a 16" EUC. I realize that it's not only benefits with bigger wheels, size and weight also goes up, and for most commuters I think it is better to find a good 14", even if I myself decided on the KS16S and is happy with my choice.
  4. chrio

    Good 16" EUC to bring on train/bus?

    I just wanted to post an extra thanks to everyone that replied in the thread.I appreciate all the input. Soo.. soon after my post above I noticed that one of the mods had posted in a thread called "£300 off KS16S - Limited Time Offer", and to make the story short: two days ago my new KingSong 16S arrived. While it is a little bit bigger than I thought, it still fits under the seat on my bus/train (barely), and it's absolutely wonderful to ride! I have 22km on it so far, using "player" mode and the default speed limits. The default speedwarning setting is also about as fast as I want to go without investing in a helmet, at least for now.
  5. chrio

    Do you guys even walk now?

    I walk less, but I also get out of the house more.
  6. chrio

    Good 16" EUC to bring on train/bus?

    Yes, the kingsong 16S looks awesome to me in all ways, except maybe price. it's definitely a strong candidate if I can afford it though.
  7. chrio

    Good 16" EUC to bring on train/bus?

    Thanks for all the replies! 16" is not an absolute requirement, but I feel that it would be better for me than 14" since part of my current commute is on gravel, and that section is the most troublesome for me at the moment. I also believe that I will see increased usage of my EUC in the future, and want to use it on gravel and uneven terrain every now and then. There is a sweet spot for the size that I am trying to find. Large enough to be comfortable and small enough to bring with me on the train. My current one fits under my seat on the train with room to spare, so I'm hoping that I can upgrade to 16" for the reasons I mentioned. The weight is less of an issue, especially with a trolley handle. I spend a long time on a single train, and other than that I pretty much travel from my housedoor to the train, and from the train to work in one go. Both the KS 16S and the Inmotion V8 looks really interesting for me. The downside are the pricetags, but in the long run it may be worth it.
  8. I recently bought an EUC (Airwheel X5 130Wh) to speed up my traveltimes between home-train and train-work. I feel that I have outgrown it though. The range isn't great, and the beeping and leanback starting at 14km/h is annoying - so now I am already on the hunt for my second EUC. I'm looking for a 16" EUC that's small enough to keep with me on a train or bus, but also can do 25km/h before complaining. I would also like something with a better range. 25-30km would be useful since I can see myself taking longer trips in the future, especially on a better machine. I have looked around a bit, and models like IPS121 looks good (at least on paper), but there are so many brands and models to choose between. Also, I live in Sweden, and the range of brands and models are less than ideal, but if I don't find anything suitable close to home I might import one. Given the above criteria, what brands models should I check out?