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  1. Sure I checked the internals and everything looks fine. These wheels are not tested in every single condition.Even my Inmotion V8 rebooted while riding because an app on my phone interrupted the connection with the wheel.And inmotion wheels are way better quality than the gotway ones. So who knows.. I also noticed that the wheel starts to tilt forward a bit after I ride it on really bad quality roads for a while. Reboot fixes it. The seller told me to show him a video about the issue. It's nearly impossible to replicate it so he didn't send me a new control board. It happens every 50
  2. Happened to me multiple times.. I live in Hungary where the roads are horrible. Road imperfections everywhere. Twice the pedal tilted forward at low speed and then it corrected itself in about half a second.Both happened at hitting a really small road imperfection what shouldn't cause anything like this. Once it tilted backwards at high speed causing some minor injuries. Other than that it works perfectly. I guess this is just "gotway things"...
  3. You're just making yourself look stupid with that "hahahahaha". Also get your glasses on and read my first post again loud and clear. If you still don't know what's wrong then I suggest studying what km/h is. Because that's not mph
  4. Seems like your brain didn't fully understand what i'm trying to say. First of all I didn't go at full speed with the Tesla and I didn't push it to its limits at all.I drove through worse road imperfections before at the same or higher speeds and I didn't crash. There's a huge difference between loss of traction with a car (what actually has multiple safety features to help inexperienced drivers regain control) and an EUC what depends on the motor. So I don't really know why you're trying hard to compare it to a car. If a passenger dies in a car because ESP/ESC wasn't invented yet
  5. @dmethvin it wasn't a cutout like in that video. I know how that feels like thanks to my V8.
  6. It was a really small road imperfection so that's why I'm surprised that it couldn't handle it.But it did this multiple times. (pedal tilted forward) earlier but I didn't fall because it compensated really quickly.Not this time sadly. The road was dry so that couldn't be it. Oh and I accelerated hard before this happened. But the battery was almost full so that also couldn't be the reason
  7. So if you guys remember I had a few crashes with my V8. One was my fault (if we can say that because it's actually the manufacturer's fault if we think about it) and another one today with the Tesla what was caused by the lack of power(?) just like with the V8. Small(!) Pothole + high speed = the wheel couldn't keep up. I accepted that with the V8 because I'm a heavy guy (95kg) and I pushed the V8 to its limits. But today the same happened with the Tesla. I didn't push the Tesla to its limits. I was at about 30-35km/h speed when I hit a 1cm deep 1m long pothole what caused the pedals
  8. I bought mine about 1.5 month ago and it has venting holes aswell
  9. More traction is always better especially if we're talking about an EUC. I slipped many times with my V8 and sadly you can't save yourself from falling all the time.
  10. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I just sold my ninebot mini and tried it before selling it. ( I didn't use it for 5 months) and the difference is night and day.The ninebot mini is a slow weak toy. Make sure to wear proper safety gear even if you plan to go slow first because it's a gotway after all It's a fast wheel but the quality of it is shit as always.
  11. I bought a tesla from him. He delivered it in time. But I'm not sure that he will send replacement parts if the wheel dies.
  12. That one doesn't work for me. It finds my tesla but after I select it still isn't connected (it doesn't beep) The new gotshit app isn't working either.. crashes when I try to open it. Android 7.0 GS8
  13. Gotway Tesla happened I couldn't resist. This one feels slow now so I'm selling it. I already have 4 wheels and I'll buy the Z10 / KS18L for sure I don't wanna end up with 10 wheels by the end of 2018.
  14. Hi Guys. I just got my KS16S and I was so happy after a 30km ride! It is way stronger than my Inmotion V8. I got couple of questions for the experienced KS riders: What Cycling mode should I use? (Medium/Hard) I live in Hungary where the roads are really bad.I don't wanna stress the motor.Does it help if I switch it from hard to medium? What is the safe speed for this wheel? I went into a lot of bumps what I didn't notice with almost max speed and it could handle it really well.There was just a little bit of pedal shake.But not sure what I should and should not do with this one. I fa
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