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  1. i have used NordVPN it makes it seem that you have a chinese connection and that you are in china but it also doessnt work
  2. yes i have readed that also! but i already have tryed that out! doenst work anymore
  3. still not a solution.... they have diffrent solutions butt all don't work anymore
  4. I've even tried the diffrent VPN apps suchs as - Hide my ass VPN - NordVPN and also using FAKE GPS i still get the message "Locate Failed"
  5. Hallo, Happy EUC riders! i'm new at the forum and have a little problem whit my new Inmotion V8 app. i have buyed a new Inmotion V8 treu aliexpress.com. it is riding very very nice and i'm very happy whit it! the only problem i have is that the maximum speed is set on (20 km/pu)... in movies on youtube people say you can set it to (30 km/pu) i have looking en looking and searching on the internet for answers bud i can't find a solution to get my inmotion faster! is there maybe someone who can have a solution to make it faster? i already have tryed out: - older version
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