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  1. Yeah, mine is not holding the charge it used to. That's probably the reason. Haven't fallen off it this year either. Well, except that time I got my foot stuck in the locking cable. Too bad there's no new version on the horizon - the Plus costs twice what the Pro costs here, and the Loomo is clearly a joke.
  2. Yeah, I've stopped using it in sharp downhills, which makes this considerably less useful where I live. I just tied a string to it and walk it like a REALLY willful dog downhill, then ride it uphill - which to be fair would be cruel to do to a dog.
  3. I'm going REAL slow, cause it's a hell of a hill. And yes, I fall of forwards. It's real fun...
  4. Not easily, no. I'd have to bring it to work, and carrying it on two trains kind of works against the whole "it's so much easier" thing, which is why I bought it We might have an old android device lying around at work, though. I can check around.
  5. The range has been reduced, but not more than say 20%. No idea about overcharge, but I had driven UP that same hill every morning I go down it. It's quite possible that I had charged it the night before in every case, though.
  6. So I've used my Mini Pro since the beginning of may with almost no problems, but in the last two weeks I've three times experienced that it makes a beep, and stops balancing when I'm going downhill. In fact, it's happened almost exactly on the same spot, at the end of a long hill. I've ridden down this hill every weekday since may. I am now scared, and have started getting off at the middle of the hill. Has anyone experienced this before? What do I do? I could send it to the store and have them send it to the importer for a checkup, but we all know they're just going to look at it f
  7. I think the perfect solution would be a vise and huge pair of pliers combined with a level and a strong man do actually do the work for me. You know, a workshop
  8. I would be a liar if I claimed the thought hadn't struck me... The main problem is getting the exact amount of force - I could see myself getting into one of those scenes from old movies where I keep making it worse...
  9. Went to the store, and they could either a. Send my ninebot to the distributor, who could send it to a workshop, who could then after two weeks quote me a price, or b. Not. I went with b. I'm gonna try to jigger some sort of equalizing thing so I can safely turn left again.
  10. I don't think anything is broken, since it works just fine, even if I have to bend farther to the left than to the right to get the same angle. Which of course is the knee I hurt, so testing it is NOT fun right now.
  11. I took the bar assembly apart and put it back, but that didn't help. I think the actual steering bar inside is crooked as well, but I won't go that far inside.
  12. So I had a pretty spectacular fall going downhill yesterday, and now the red part at the bottom of the steering column is tilted slightly to the left. Steering works, but because it's tilted it feels weird. I have to move more to the left than to the right to steer with equivalent force. Is this something that can be fixed by me, or do I need to go through the seller to get it fixed? Also I have an owie on my knee!
  13. We can't. A huge part of our economy comes from fish, and that entire sector would go to hell in a handbasket within months. But it's not like our huge Electronics industry is going to suffer if we get a general agreement for that market.
  14. This is indeed my plan. Living in Norway leads to thinking about how to avoid these things... It's really too bad, it would be far better if we had a free trade agreement with the EU.
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