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  1. Donát Hajdu

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Hello guys! Can you send me the latest android app download link for gotway msuperx please? I just got my new wheel.Can't wait for full charge Thank you!
  2. Donát Hajdu

    Best EUC for travelling by plane?

    Gotway Luffy 130Wh
  3. Donát Hajdu

    http://apogeebuy.com/ is a safe place to buy EUC?

    Thanks.I tried the forum search,nothing about this page...:/ They have good prices but i think it is fake. Check my e-mail conversation with him: Me: "Dear Sir /Madame! I want to buy the inmotion V10F but i cannot find the paypal paying option.Where can i pay with paypal?" Apogeebuy guy: "NO PAYPAL. NO CRIDIET CARD TKS" Me:"If no paypal and credit card,than how can i pay safely?" Apogeebuy guy: "we not sell for one! our store beginning 2016. believe or not."
  4. Anyone ordered from here? There is no paypal option,thats why i'm asking.
  5. Donát Hajdu

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    I'm very waiting for this comparison! I will choose between these two wheels.
  6. Donát Hajdu

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Take a pic from this hill.And post it here.
  7. Donát Hajdu

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Thanks for the infos Chunglam! Can you make a test ride video of the wheels please? And a light test too(i want to know how bright is the msuper x in the dark)
  8. Donát Hajdu

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Thanks for the upload.I dont like the rainbow light effect.Why they cannot make it with optional color?:/ Do a riding test video please
  9. Donát Hajdu

    Average age of EUC rider

    23 here.I'm the youngest one. Riding over a year now on a ninebot one C+ ,preordered an inmotion V10
  10. Donát Hajdu

    Gotway Luffy vs ninebot one

    Thanks for your reply! Are you satisfied with the Luffy? Did you ever have any problems with it?
  11. Donát Hajdu

    Gotway Luffy vs ninebot one

    I have got a ninebot one C+.How good is the Luffy compered to the ninebot one? I need the opinion who tried both of them.
  12. Which is the cheapest electric unycicle webshop in Europe? Where do you buy them? Give me some links please!:)
  13. Donát Hajdu

    Ninebot one hard tilt back on max speed?

    I'v got a ninebot one c+.Today when i was riding max speed at 21-22km/h (i checked on the app),i waited for like 3-4 beeps,and it tilted me so back,and i coudn't lean forward so i had to step off and fell hard(i'm ok,cos i had protection).It is normal?(I thought the tiltback only try to slow me down not to drop me off th EUC...) Can i change the tilt back angle somehow?Or any suggestion for a new rider?
  14. Donát Hajdu

    Ninebot one C+ or fastwheel EVA

    Yeah ,that would be my first EUC.But where can i find a good EUC shop that ships to Hungary(EU)? Where can i find a new Ninebot for 350$? Btw in my country the ninebot in the shop costs 1100$
  15. Whitch one is better and why? I can buy the ninebot one c+ for 500$ and the EVA for 400$