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  1. I learned from these forums, that the batteries are the most costly part of the wheel itself, so probably you will end up buying a second wheel with more battery... thats actually a good thing owning 2 wheels ?
  2. Maybe a good added feature is the option to start and stop rides, and have an option to look back at previous rides?
  3. how do we get access to these betas? got the new acm2 want to test it out against the latest version.
  4. HOLY F*** I just came back from a trip on the acm... (did a trip on the V8 a few minutes before that).... I love this machine! Feels so smooth, its like going from a scooter to a motor! Can’t wait to drive more with better weather!
  5. hahaha nothing, really! was just speculating on upgrade paths. I will receive my ACM2 1300 tomorrow, and super happy with that! Just was thinking if I would be able to upgrade batteries if I like to. I like to travel and commute long distance yes. I dont use the wheel normaly to commune from one place to another, but rather to explore and travel to the unknowns :-)
  6. ahhh cool so thats why... always thought the battery would cost around 500 - 600 but this makes sense... better to buy a total new wheel instead of battery. thanks!
  7. But I cant seem to find a place where they sell those batteries, are they even up for sale?
  8. So If I wanted to upgrade from a 1300 battery in an ACM to a 1600 is that even possible? And where can you buy seperate battery packs?
  9. Picking up my ACM2 this friday!!! based on the above video lol! was opted in for a tesla but switched because of battery!
  10. Good too hear I made a correct decission, the crappy part is right now... the wheel is already delivered at my work address.... but Im not there untill friday... crap!
  11. yay! this monday my new ACM2 is arriving, lets hope it feels like an upgrade coming from a V8!
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