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  1. @UniVehje, I did check this first within EUCWorld but all alarm settings looked good. However, the speed clamp activated itself somehow, even though I did not have the Inmotion app on my smartphone! After installing the inmotion app I was able to remove the clamp and the wheel behaves normal again now. I just came back from a +30 km ride and my trust into this wheel is now restored. Thank you for helping solving this issue...
  2. After more than two years of riding the EUC, this is the first day - I think it is called - the overload protection kicked in pretty often! The wheel was fully charged. My riding triggered this "malodious" B@-B@-B@-B@-B@-B@-B@-B@ sound about 7 times (My intension was to do a 70+ km ride today, but after 6 km I had enough and returned home). The alarms occurred when riding between 21- 25 km/h (I usually ride 30-34 km/h max when the situation permits this). I had the EUC World app running and looked at its log: However, within the coulmns "alert" and "alarm" there are no entries. I am confi
  3. Hi Mike, On 14.3.2017 the App showed serial number: KS16D1W0160325044 << This is the first s/n and should give you a clue as to the date of production. I think the second control board showed: KS16D1W0160325071. I never bothered to find out the s/n of the current control board. The EUC is already boxed and I will not take it out to find out. Motor s/n: KS800W160316050023 With the wheel I did ride less than 8.000 Km (approximately 7.800 Km) Hope this helps and kind regards, Gunthor
  4. I also offer to send abroad. Kindly use: https://paket.ag/ in order to calculate your specific shipping costs. The item resides in Germany, Stuttgart and the auction will end on Sunday evening (12.04.2020): https://www.ebay.de/itm/223968564468
  5. I'd like to start a new thread with the same topic like @Zodd1982 did for the V8 - but here for the V10F... Last year (participating at the Sella Ronda bike event) after each mountain pass I cheated by repeatedly recharging going downhill and then claiming the sum of 2.196 m altitude on account of one battery charge. This year due to rain I didn't redo Sella Ronda. However, I am thinking about climbing the Stilfser Joch on 31.08.2019. My intention is to recharge at Franzenshöhe using my two chargers (with 5,3A). I may continue on to the pass until the battery runs out (in order
  6. A u t s c h @MBIKER_SURFER: Habe erst jetzt die letzten zwei Seiten gelesen (ich bin hier nur "Gelegenheitsgast!). Die besten Genesungswünsche von meiner Seite. Ich wünsche Dir eine gute und vor allem vollständige Heilung. Ich denke nun ich sollte zukünftig öfter meine Ellenbogenschützer anlegen. Auch wenn die Dinger bei bestimmten Stürzen überhaupt nicht schützen, mache ich mir danach zumindest keine Vorwürfe und überlege, ob die Verletzung mit Ellenbogenschützer möglicherweise nicht so heftig ausgefallen wäre (Bin nur mit Handgelenkschützern und Helm unterwegs. Bei langen Strecken auch
  7. Dolomites Bike Day 16.06.2019 Abhängig von der Wetterlage (Regen) und anderen Umständen (muss meine Frau noch überzeugen, dass das Wochenende für Sie auch ohne mich schön sein kann) will ich diesen Freitag gegen 10:00 Uhr entscheiden ob ich am Samstag von Stuttgart nach La Villa (Alta Badia) fahre, um am Sonntag teilzunehmen. Falls jemand die Zeit, das richtige EUC (>50 km und 1.370m Höhenunterschied), für alle Fälle noch ein Schnell-Ladegerät und die Flexibilität haben sollte hier spontan mitzumachen schickt mir eine Nachricht... @meepmeepmayer, @MBIKER_SURFER: Ihr wolltet eine I
  8. Welcome to the Today I had no problems - even dared to ride between 34-36 km/h for some minutes: However yesterday was a different one: So "Yes" I can confirm @JerryRs observation that the overload alarm gets triggered especially when battery levels are low. But at 20°C, no long climbs and battery level > 80 I'd be curious to see the alarm message WheelLog would have logged (if running)...
  9. FeedBack to Version 2.0.14: Wonderful release @palachzzz . Only one small step in the version number but SO MANY IMPROVEMENTS. Since this version came out I'm dancing on the roofs. I deleted the bloated constantly crashing Inmotion (Cr-)app from my smartphone. All I used it for was to start this (Cr-)app at the end of a route in order to see the total km. As I am happy with my firmware (1.1.6) - apart from overheat alarms triggered for no apparent reason (e.g. when riding < 30km/h on flat terrain!) - I finally deinstalled this (Cr-)app! I also love the new formulas for c
  10. Hallo @Nils Reichert, falsche Angaben bei der Versicherung zu machen war leider der falsche Weg: Ich habe 30 Versicherern genau beschrieben was ich versichert haben will und 4 Angebote erhalten. Ob Dein "Versicherungsbetrug" allerdings geahndet wird dürfte fraglich sein, denn bei einem Unfall fliegt das eh auf und die Versicherung wird dann nicht leisten. Hinters Licht geführt hast Du mit der Aktion primär die Polizei die Dir das Teil abgenommen haben... Unbedingt auf Angebot 1 eingehen: Dann erhälst Du Dein EUC zurück und brauchst nur der Staatsanwaltschaft aufzeigen, daß der Tatverdacht
  11. Hi @maxkan, as a rapid charger should be used as a rapid charger I would set the current setting to 3A and the second dial to 90%. Then at least once a month load up to 100% (or when you intend to do a longer route). BTW: GX12-3 connectors can handle 5A (but this is conservative). Nevertheless going above 5A may put your warranty into jeopardy! @Fastmike, when the Charge Doctor boots up it displays V3. As mentioned it is not on the page because the gadget gets sold to resellers first! However, on the V2 page you read “PR2”, … “PRn” : future extension. And this is one thing Charge Doc
  12. Hi @Marco Diciolla and welcome to the forum Can't say anything about the light effects (I disabled them). As for the handle button I have noticed that it does not always work as expected. The expected behavior is: Press the button and keep it pressed. You will hear a sound. After that you should be able to lift the wheel without spinning. The experienced behavior is: After hearing the sound the disconnection not always works reliable and so the wheel spins when lifting it from the ground. My workaround after hearing the sound is to push the handle forward or backward in order to know that
  13. How about reading the manual of your quick charger? Who do you think should know about the 1-2-3 modes if you don't mention manufacturer and model of your battery charger...? BTW: Charge Doctor V3 with double input for Inmotion V8-10(F) wheels with GX12-3 connectors is available (even though it does not say so on the "Buy" page because the gadget gets sold to resellers first!). I got one last week and with parameter 2 (define cut off voltage) it is possible to fine tune it to whatever battery capacity you like. Wonderful gadget: I connected my rapid charger (3,8A) together with my standar
  14. Hi @Nils - well done description of not only your but also my KS16 >> VS10F experiance. I still ride with Firmware 1.1.6 out of the box and didn't upgrade so far. I have no overload issues climbing hills or mountains - however I get overheat warnings when driving fast on flat terrain (e.g. twice today!). My max. speed was 34-36 km/h - but I think the aggressive warning sounds are due to the 35 °C today. Could you please explain why you feel that firmware 2.2.8 offers more torque than 1.1.7? I am still hesitant doing the upgrade because I don't want to get overload issues climbin
  15. FeedBack to Version 2.0.12: Great job @palachzzz - WheelLog connects reliably with my V10F. However, even though the Inmotion app shows all the km and km/h figures correctly WheelLog is a bit askew: The current km/h and Top Speed are shown correctly. The rest is way too high (My Total is only between 1100 and 1200 km!) - looks a bit funny Edit: OK - i tried to home in on the problem a little: Immediately after connection is established the Total is correct: Then I pushed the wheel about 1 meter forward and backward three times:
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