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  1. PK1

    Gotway iOS App

    Well.. I suppose, but honestly, i can't feel any difference. Not to mention this iOS app is no longer available (thus no longer supported..). The only use it had is setting the ride mode. Wish there was a third party app that could set the ride mode..
  2. PK1

    Gotway iOS App

    Hi Marty, When running 'Soft', it's really noticeable - no mistaking. I'll give it a go once more, but as mentioned, no noticeable diff between 'Comfort' and 'Powerful'. Meantime, thanks for the tip.
  3. PK1

    Gotway iOS App

    Hi Guys, Running the MSuper v3 - 820W version. Been using the Gotway iOS app v2.3.1, and having issues with the ride mode. - Soft is.. Sluggish, as the name implies - Comfort mode is not bad - Powerful, basically no difference in response vs Comfort mode.. Something seems wrong. Should there not be a significant difference in the response? Thanks