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  1. Yeah. The thing is it can even start from a very low speed. Basicly you jump of and the wheel starts to spin up. This sudden build up in energy then leads to this dance. One time I was driving slowly on the walkway next to a wall. I had to jump of and did not catch the wheel. Next to me was the street. The wheel danced about 10 feet or more directly onto the street. Cars had to stop while I retrieved the wheel. Yes I really got lucky that it did not go into a car. Again speed was not the problem. I just had to step of and bamm there it goes ... Of course most of the times you catch it or stop it. But yeah not a good experience when it goes out of control and you have to be lucky it does not go into cars... sigh ... I guess I will have to use a rope or maybe a weight on the the top? I will have to experiment ...
  2. So I had the bright Idea to buy a used Ninebot one S1 on ebay for my vacation in the US. So far so good the Wheel works well - the battery has lost some power because it was stored at 100% but about 21km range is still very good and learning to drive slow (to conserve energy) is a usefull skill to have. Unfortunately I have stumbled over a problem this specific wheel seems to have. Because of the light weight and the very symetrical body it can fall in a way that keeps it wandering around while the electronic tries to decide if there is no driver on it. This now happened 3 times to me and so far always in places where there was a potential for cars or persons to get hurt or touched / scrached. The only solution seems to be a rope on the handle that leads to the belt. Any other suggestions or hints how to solve that problem? thanks for any kind of help! Roland p.s. This wheel will stay in the US - It is intended that my nephew and my brother can use it when I am not around. (Sorry if that problem had its own thread before could not find it but please move it there if nessesary )
  3. @_Patrick_ Es würde der Mentalität in Deutschland entsprechen das hier die schlimmst mögliche Regelung eingeführt wird. Durch diese Regelung wäre dann sichergestellt das der einzelne Sachbearbeiter das Gefühl hat alles gemacht zu haben um Verkehrsunfälle zu verhindern. Nur schade das man den Verkehr selbst nicht verhindern kann ... dann gäbe es nämlich auch keine Verkehrsunfälle... Diese Beamten arbeiten also nicht dafür das etwas besser oder schneller wird, sondern gezielt daran das etwas nicht passiert. Nur die politische Ebene kann da verhindern das es zum Desaster kommt ... Stichwort Mofa (Helme und große Sicherheitsauflagen und Versicherung etc. für Fahrzeuge die Fahrrädern in Leistung und sogar Aussehen gleichen/nahe stehen). Wenn es sich zeigt, das solche Maßnahmen notwendig sind, dann können diese Maßnahmen auch nach der Zulassung zur Nutzung im Öffentlichen Raum eingeführt werden.
  4. Laie bin ich auch, aber spekulieren kann man ja ... Ist halt ärgerlich diese absurde Verfolgungssituation in Deutschland. Unsere Strafverfolgungsbehörden sollten sich mal mit echten Problemen befassen... In Frankreich ist das Thema doch auch geregelt, warum also nicht in Deutschland?
  5. Ich glaube das wäre dann eine Feststellungsklage? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feststellungsklage Andererseits steht im Wikipediaartikel nichts vom Strafrecht ... Vielleicht haben wir in Deutschland ja doch nicht unbeschränkt das Recht auf "A Day in Court" ?
  6. I believe it is quite clear what is going to happen. Bureaucracy abhors a vacuum therefore there will be rules. It is certain that a vehicle that is as fast as a bicycle and has the weight of a bicycle cannot be more dangerous than a bicycle. The same could be said about the German Mofa - top speed 25 kph(aka Töffi) (those weigh about twice as much as a normal bicycle 48-50 kg). But in Germany you are required to have a full helmet and an insurance and a licence because a motorized bicycle is more dangerous than a bicycle. The reasons for this assumption are not clear. And it is not clear why EUC are more dangerous than a bicycle. Bicycles if anything are probably the reason for most traffic accidents with injuries in cities. Therefore it would be a good solution to remove bicycles from traffic altogether. This obviously will not happen. There are good reasons why there is no helmet needed on a bike. People would not tolerate this kind of legislation. On the other hand if you have no one using a bicycle (like it is now with the EUC) - how easy would it be to make it impossible to use bicycles. Oh look - suddenly no one makes it difficult to use the nice roads. And also less accidents... The next step would then be to not allow people without a car on the street - lets all have cities without walkways ... Still accidents? Well ... people should not leave theirs houses ... Keep them all inside! At least they would not die in traffic accidents? Right? ... We have a great vehicle that is reasonably save. Ambitious regulations will ruin this. And these regulations will also not make any sense at all. There is after all no one from the EUC - industry in the room that stops the lawyers/bureaucrats from unreasonable regulations... Also: What is there to be insured that needs not to be insured on a bicycle?! ... At the very least those insurances should only be needed after it is demonstrated that they are necessary. Again - what about bicycles?
  7. Ich beantrage hiermit, dass wir zuerst einen Ausschuss bilden, der eine Handlungsempfehlung für das Exekutivkomitee des ZV der DE-EUC Fahrer geben kann!
  8. War das etwa in Berlin in der Direktion 3 - Abschnitt 35 Der Bereich des Abschnitts 35 wird örtlich begrenzt durch: die Holländerstr./Kapweg im Norden, die Reinickendorfer Str. bis einschließlich Luise-Schröder-Platz im Osten, den Hohenzollernkanal in südlicher Ausrichtung, den Kurt-Schumacher-Damm im Westen. Der Leiter der Direktion (https://www.berlin.de/polizei/dienststellen/polizei-in-den-bezirken/ ) scheint sich auf den Verkehr zu konzentrieren ... Naja, wenn es in dieser Ecke in Berlin sonst keine Probleme gibt ... Siehe Anhang ... bekaempfung_unfallursachen_verkehrsunfallschwerpunkte.pdf
  9. Hm you might be able to get away with a mostly disassembled EUC... and when they ask declare those things in your luggage as parts for an EUC ... which will be technically correct ... hopefully you will know how to assemble this pussle when you get to your destination P.S. If you go far enough you might be able to just declare it electronic parts and and a wheel ...
  10. @GoinPostal So you got an artifical canal and a natural river running along each other in the same valley (01:10)?! The USA gots it all ... Damn it! ... Somebody post an equally impressive video from somewhere else in the world quick!
  11. Next time get at least 3 people to place and carry those stationary cameras! ... Will shorten this beautiful video work to about 45 minutes ... and then you have to edit it ... still ... and still thanks for this inspiring work!!
  12. @n2eus Great presentation of why its worth to learn this skill! Effortless gliding ...
  13. Edited Monday 8/28 Sorry for the stupid thread... Did not expect that this hurricane would become such a catastrophy ... Original text: ********************************************** Be the first! Or can you be the first? ... After all Harvey is now downgraded ... P.S. All the best to those who had to suffer under the unimaginable force of nature! P.P.S. Too Soon? **************************************************
  14. I for one would like to call those "rechargeable" Batteries Accumulators
  15. Hm. Do not Forget! When ever you leave your House you could stumble! Therefore Take precautions!! Use a personal SAFETY cage! Today! Buy them before they become mandatory ... We are working on Rules and Regulations right now ... For Your Safety!
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