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  1. HETPE3B

    Inmotion V8 Tire scrapes cover

    I did have some scraping, but now, at ~120mi on the odometer it's gone.
  2. HETPE3B

    EUC Tool Rental

    Can you post a picture of how the socket looks like?
  3. Could be the hydro paint transfer.
  4. HETPE3B

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    Actually it was a first day today when I rode without a leash. Was pretty confident. It's day 11 since I bought it. I guess in total 3hrs of riding and around 40miles on that thing.
  5. The wheel has approximately 40 miles on it. Don't have much time for the practice. But I had one friend visiting me yesterday. He rode probably within 5 minutes.
  6. Felt confident yesterday to ride off the driveway curb onto the street. Also want to ride in reverse too
  7. BTW, forgot to mention, today I did ride with vise versa (tail light pointed front), and that did eliminate pedal dipping forward at all. They were dipping to the back during the turns But it felt better, than forward dipping.
  8. Right now I'm taking it for a few miles short trip. Straight and long range turns are fine now. For some reason every morning every first step is hard, but in a few moments it is fine again Also I'm kinda planning my turn ahead and everything goes OK, but I'm worried, if I will need to make a sudden turn - then the problem may arise
  9. Took it yesterday for a short night spin. I was pretty pleased with the headlight intensity. Before I did turn the headlight on I though, that it will not help much, but I was proven otherwise. Ninebot Mini got the 2 LEDs, and I guess they are even brighter than V8 headlight LED, but because of the location of those in Mini makes them cover much smaller area. In total rode around 20 miles on it so far.
  10. I was browsing the app for the adjustment but for some reason cannot get into "turning and forwarding adjustment " menu. See attached screenshots.
  11. Yes, I need to check out this forum for a protection gear preferences.
  12. Today I took it for a few miles ride to the trail. Did manage to rige I guess around a mile without stopping. Tried to shoot the video, but it somewhat hard to stay relaxed and in the same time trying to shoot the video . Most of the times I can step off the wheel without catching it with my hands, but holding it with my foot. Also significantly less times was forced to come off the wheel during the turns
  13. Thanks folks for the kind words and support. So far everything seems to be straight forward except the turns (or u-turns) on somewhat low speeds, because what makes me confused is why the wheel leans forward quite a bit until the moment when it is not comfortable to keep the fit on it. Most likely it will come with practice how to adapt.
  14. It looks so simple looking on the videos how you folks are gliding It took around 7 minutes to make 20ft ride and 8 more minutes to ride around 300ft. I probably was playing with that thing around half an hour and my ankles sore I did manage to speed up a bit, riding few hundreds feet is not a problem now, but turns are still somewhat hard. Like I read here on the forum V8 is tenting to tilt forward when I making turns. Feel kinda strange. And the tilt angle is pretty big (I have nothing to compare it, so may be it just me). Tomorrow will spend some more time practicing turns. I also took a belt from my pants to have the wheel leashed