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    Msuper v3 s+ 84v or Acm s+

    So I went ahead and order the M super V3 s + 1600 wh From ewheels I have fun on the first msuper figured new / faster can't hurt anything. Plus the back lights are nice. @Marty Backe Have you had any troubles with the msuper v3 s+ since the firmware update?
  2. TaxMoneyStreams

    Msuper v3 s+ 84v or Acm s+

    Little bit of my story, i bought a gotway msuper 18 680wh little over a year ago. Its the mid speed so 3 beeps is around 18mph. Im 180lbs. Its super fun and i love it. Just isnt as fast as i hoped. I go offroad grass/stone side walks and on the street of a small town. not much inclines at all. Flat land ohio. Ive put over 300miles. So what im wondering is Whats the difference in the speeds of both the msuperv3 84 and the Acm 84 Real life speeds not gotway app speeds Dont they have the same motor? Is the 18 over the 16 that big of a difference offroad on grass? Side walk bumps? Uneven sidewalks Is the 16 even really that much more nimble? Does it take turns and curves in sidewalks faster? Does the 16 actually accelerate quicker? Ive tried looking into it and i drove my gfs ninebot e+ 16 320wh off road and on and tested it for like 10 hours but its just lighter cause small battery and seems skinny so i dont think its a good comparison to the acm 84v 1300wh + Any help would be much appreciated. Ive read ever post about firmware and the problems gotway had. Seems like its been fixed.