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  1. That is very interesting information about foot position, I will have to try that. Fortunately within the next 48 hours I'll be finished with my current project and free to take a few days off to rest, so I should have time to practice this new stuff you guys have been showing me.
  2. I wouldn't exactly call it "unscathed" when I take my clothes off and my girlfriend reacts with shock and horror at how my injury looks. But compared to what I could have done, we'll say I was "lightly scathed".
  3. I'm actually quite good at hard braking up to around 15 mph, and I agree with you as to how good the wheel is at braking hard, which may be why and how I overestimated my ability to brake hard at that speed; I had no idea I was going that fast. It's never happened before that I felt comfortable doing over 25 mph; I thought I was doing about 20-25, although even that wouldn't have been a fun crash. I definitely need more skill training. And more time in which to do it!
  4. Normally I have my phone in my hand and I will occasionally glance at WheelLog. Normally I'm not going for speed, as I said, I go for what feels comfortable, which is usually between 12 and 25 mph, depending on where I am riding. Is Darknessbot only for Apple?
  5. The "whatever punishment was coming my way" would have taken me into a busy intersection. I had a split second to assess the threat and I decided against going into a busy intersection, because the time to assess the situation was not there. So it might have been just me riding with traffic through an intersection, and it might have been me going splat. I try to avoid splatting on people's cars, so... I'm not familiar with different ways of braking. I just do it my way. I ride with my feet positioned to give me the best balance between braking and acceleration, with a little b
  6. Thank you for the compliment. When it comes to writing, I have done virtually everything there is to do, from writing stories to novels to advertising and instruction manuals, as well as editing. Thank you also for the information on helmets. I had no idea such cool options were available. HUD? Rear view camera? Be still my beating heart! The road I was on is relatively new pavement, so no issues. Although I should have been paying better attention sheerly for the possibility of glass, etc. in the bike lane, as well.
  7. I haven't been around for a while because I've been very busy working my butt off for the majority of this year, but occasionally I find time to ride my MSX for relaxation. It has less than 150 miles on it and I have had it since early this year. How sad. Anyway, yesterday I was frustrated and couldn't focus well enough to work because of it, so I decided that my fastest path back to working state was to go ride my EUC and relax myself that way. (I am self employed and work from home.) I'm in Florida and lately we have temperatures from 90F to 100F every day, but I geared up with e
  8. That's pretty awesome. Even just doubling the range of current EUCs would be incredible, but the potential for 4x and up? That's insane. Just 2x would put me at 130 miles per change on my MSuper V3s+. I looked at a video recently talking about graphene and what they're doing with it, and between the solid state batteries and the potential for tires that mix graphene with rubber, we might be on the verge of [EDIT: electric] cars that get better mileage than gas cars, and have tires and parts that last several times longer as well. These are definitely exciting times in which we
  9. My understanding was that charging to 100% speeds up the creation of some sort of dendrites in the battery chemistry which eventually kills its ability to function, and that charge to 80% and discharge to 20% produces the maximum battery life, with a 100% charge being useful for balancing the packs about every 10th charge. So charging to 100% every time should significantly shorten the life of the batteries, from what I understand. Also, a charge cycle is the equivalent of charging to 100% and discharging to 0%, regardless. So 80% to 20% counts as 60% of a full charge cycle. Again,
  10. I suggest an MSuper V3s+ or X, or a KS-18S or L would be the wheels you'd most likely be looking at.
  11. I have the seat for the V3s+. It seems like a kludge at best. Didn't seem realistically useful. Then again, if I'm being honest, I didn't really give it much of a try. Guess I'll have to try the MSuper X seated.
  12. So the KS18S has developed a few black marks, being the speed limiting when the battery goes below 50%, the beeping starting so early on a low battery, the fact that it has fuses and how difficult it is to access the fuse. I think that rules it out. Between the MSuper V3s+ and the X, the X wins on better build quality overall. So I guess that's the game. Looks like I'm getting an MSuper X next. That video was really helpful in making this choice, so thanks to Scouts Honor for posting it and Duff and Marty for the video itself.
  13. Took me 5 minutes. Yup. Maybe 4. Hope nobody sees my thread about how long it really took me to learn, lol Seemed like forever.
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