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  1. Catlord17

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    I agree that we need something to kill the wheel if the rider dismounts. I'll have to see if I can find a way to make your suggestion work.
  2. Catlord17

    Very ironic!

    Recently started riding again after a month and a half of too-busy, and I have been using the rides to help me deal with a breakup. I have also been using them for adventuring purposes, to explore places I have been before, but this time on an EUC. What I find ironic is that places I used to think of as far away are now no longer thought of as such because I have ridden to them on my electric unicycle, and really noted the distance. Like the "wilderness" trails near my house, which I thought had to be at least 6 miles away. Turns out, riding to them... they're 4 miles away, and that's really not very far. Even though it takes longer to get to them on my EUC, it seems a lot less far away now. I guess it's all about paying attention. In a car, we apparently... don't. I also rode on those trails today, for about a mile. Surprised how well the GW MSuper V3s+ eats roots. I've been able to handle roots 1-2 inches out of the ground without falling. This off road riding is a new level of skill demands, but for the most part, I'm doing it. Lots of fun. I couldn't go further because of extremely unreasonable terrain and mud. What sort of maximum limit should I expect from my wheel as to the size of roots it can handle going over?
  3. Thanks for the help, guys. Much appreciated!
  4. I have purchased a rear view mirror for my helmet and had trouble making it useful. It was hard to adjust properly, hard to see in and fell off and disappeared the first time I fell while wearing it. I notice that Marty has one a lot different than mine and it seems to work well for him. Some others seem to have similar ones. Which one is the best you have found? I'm just turning to look right now, but riding in a bike lane with traffic, that gets dangerous real fast even at moderate speeds. Since cars are obviously intent on running over everything that isn't another car, I thought I would ask. Thanks in advance!
  5. Catlord17

    GotWay Tesla 1020 unboxing, first thoughts and comparison

    It's posts like this that make me want to get one of these. The perfect do-it-all wheel? Aside from riding seated, this sounds awesome.
  6. Catlord17

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    Whoever deleted all that, thank you. I tend to go off the deep end and do inappropriate stuff when I am dealing with a breakup. My apologies for the inappropriate posts.
  7. Catlord17

    If Skateboards Can Do This Why Not EUCs?

    Or just paint the victim...
  8. Catlord17

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    I took a month off using my EUC to spend it helping a friend (now my girlfriend) and the last couple days have been riding again. I decided to start riding without using the strap. Last time it felt odd and the freedom of movement was unexpected; but, it made for a really good balance for the lack of strap, literally and figuratively. Today, I rode 17.53 miles without the strap, and I only once thought it might have come in handy - when I came within inches of being hit while I was in the crosswalk by a turning car driven by someone who wasn't paying attention. Twisting so violently on the wheel made me momentarily wish I still had it in hand. But I made it, and did not fall off. It will take a little more practice, but I have definitely outgrown the strap. Just needs time.
  9. Catlord17

    Apparently, I have arrived.

    Very interesting suggestions. I realize that it is definitely true that I am new to high speed wheeling, so it cannot be ruled out that this is the case. I will have to spend some time trying out these suggestions, then, thank you all. I'm not really wanting to be a speed demon and ride around at 25 mph+ all the time, I was thinking a top speed of about 15 to 20 is good. But I do want to understand my wheel and how to be safe and in control at all speeds, so I will give this some attention and see if it makes a difference. Thank you all again for your time and help. Today I rode around for an hour at speeds not exceeding 15 mph and while I did experience a little bit of the wobble, it wasn't very obvious. Rode from dropping my girlfriend off at the dentist, to the park where I used to practice, to all over the neighborhood where that park is located. Found some (Florida style) "hills" (20 degrees, 20 feet tall) and explored them. Had a blast until my feet went numb.
  10. Catlord17

    Apparently, I have arrived.

    In this case, my wheel exhibits two different types of wobble. The first is the wobble it gets when I am doing a hard deceleration, which is where it wobbles side to side. The second, which is what I was referring to in the OP, is one that results from the wheel itself being imperfectly balanced. There is a distinct rhythmic imbalance and happens in the direction of the wheel's motion, and seems to only happen at speeds above 24 mph. In my case, neither of these results from improper foot positioning, because I make good and sure every time I step on that my foot positioning is perfect before I accelerate beyond about 5 mph. Anything higher with a bad foot placement results in a definitely unsafe ride, and "ain't nobody got time fadat". I want to have fun, de-stress and get places, not kill myself. So foot placement has been a point of a lot of practice for me, and I usually get it right in one try. If not, I immediately feel it, and I adjust my feet at low speeds until they're equally placed on the pedals. I wish it was as simple as foot placement.
  11. Catlord17

    Apparently, I have arrived.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. The wheel has probably 4.25 ounces of slime in it, and was significantly unbalanced for the first 15 minutes of the ride, after which it faded and there was almost no imbalance during the rest of the first half of the run. It is possible that the imbalance only happens at 25 mph+, and I was not able to travel that fast for the last 3rd of the first half, because there were no bike lanes and the sidewalks limit my speed to 15-20 mph as a result of their not being truly smooth. I seriously doubt it's anything to do with my legs, but it does have me somewhat concerned. If I understand correctly, the third alarm signals that you are using >80% of the remaining battery power, no? As to the heat, it is good to know that even pushing my wheel to close to it;s limits, I will never overheat it. I hope. And last but not least, I think I'll set tiltback to 45 kph. I was thinking that earlier, so I think I'll go with that suggestion. Maybe 15 mph, and see if it affects the range. I took the wheel from 82% to 50% so I'm still getting really good mileage, even though I'm doing high speeds and going over (admittedly small) bridges. Is it safe to charge the wheel every time I use it, if I charge it up to 80% 9/10 times?
  12. So today I used my EUC (MSuper V3s+) to replace my car going to lunch and back, a 16.5 mile round trip. This was the first time I felt comfortable enough to not only ride the whole way, where possible, in the bike lane, but do so during the day in normal traffic. On top of that, I achieved a new speed record of 28.3 mph, and a new temperature record of 51 degrees C. Prior to the trip, I used the Gotway app to set the alarm so that only the 80% warning alarm remained active, and I set the tiltback to 47 kph. During my ride, no alarm sounded and no tiltback was experienced. It took me 67 minutes to get there and back. I was able to successfully bring it into the restaurant, as well. Naturally, fully geared up, with a backpack to store everything in while I was there. So apparently, I have arrived as being able to use almost all of the speed and power this machine has to offer. This really excites me. I've started being able to carve at will, and I guess now I can start learning stuff like going backwards. To those with more experience, a few questions: 1. Is it normal for the wheel to become slightly unbalanced at high speeds when you have slime in it? 2. Is a tiltback of 47 kph safe, or could it potentially overload the battery and cause a cutout? 3. Is a temperature of 51C something to be concerned about? Thanks all.
  13. Catlord17

    We've decided to take on The Man

    As I read current Florida Statutes, EUCs do not meet the definition you say they do. There does not, in fact, seem to be any current classification that fits them. I've talked to several police officers, and a couple have told me that since it has a motor, it is technically supposed to be in the bike lane, but some of what I have read statutes wise seemed to contradict that and said it should be in the sidewalk. But no specific category of vehicle fully describes an EUC according to current Florida Law, unless maybe I missed something.
  14. Sold! Monster it is for the next wheel...
  15. 50 out of how many possible on a single charge?