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  1. there's more worst to come after just tightening those bolts... today, sing, shout, ride and enjoy the whole summer. rainy/winter days is yet to come... as those bolts were previously loose, i bet your motor is not waterproof.
  2. wow! that high pitched motor sound in your video was tingling to hear. I wish i can realize the motor of my 16" generic to a bit faster speed. I am looking forward for 18-20'ish speed. would there be possibility to get rid off of my controller board and put higher discharge controller to enhance it's speed? this is the current set up.
  3. This is same hint I was thinking to modify my 16" generic. As I've digged further to where my 16" generic motor was made of, it was the same motor that was in Ninebot C. 60V, well made alum rim and quality stainless bolts. Only the mainboard and battery pack was different. I have hints that these parts are the factory over quantities produced to be sold out in the black market for cheap. These motors did not through with the factory markings phase unlike those Ninebot motors with large laser etched brand name largely visible on the rotor cover. Perhaps, these small enterprises took it, compliment with other factory's sub-quality controller boards and re-assembled it to create a new line of generic EUCs. I do own 2 chinese generics EUC in the past month. They are 14" and 16" of different components respectively. The 14" has a yellow main controller board, no mobile apps and has the shortest battery life as compared to the 16" generic. It barely afford to overunn a 6" road humps. This was a sourest lemon product ever, no doubt about it. I sold it after a month use. However, my other 16" generic is undoubtedly good, with red mainboard, 16S battery pack and nice LED programmed bright lightings that came with remote control. Overruns 6" road humps swiftly and once a while grass and fire roads without hesitation. Performed well and didn't discouraged me for once. Except that as soon as I've level up with riding skills, I'm craving more for speed which my 16" generic limits and cannot further give. I once ride it on under my feet at the computerized treadmill for a test, set the treadmill for its steepest incline and maximize for the hardest, it gets 13.9KPH smooth. But by pushing up the treadmill computer speed of 14KPH and above, it beeps all the time and tilt back. Lowering back again the computer speed to 13.9 and down any KPH, it rolls again so smooth. I think this motor deserves a desired partner controller board and is qualified for upgrade.
  4. I have bought chinese generic EUC last April2017 and the controller board is the same as your photo, yellow board frame with 3 big capacitors near the 2 wire battery terminals, no applicable mobile apps and only run to a limited 12KPH maximum. Not a strong EUC and couldn't barely afford to run over a 6" road humps. As i don't have any clue how to modify it to unlock the speed or to discharge a power to make it torquey, after a month use, I sold it.
  5. Personal cut play mat or yoga mat fits best especially for our protruding inner bone calves which cushioned most of the pains being felt with your bone to plastic contact. Another reason, as yoga mat is entirely of the same material to slippers, it acts like a vertical slipper to protect your lower limbs against hard plastic EUC body just like acting similar to your insoles to the ground contact but just positioned horizontally. And slippers / play mat materials retains its shape throughout time, it doesn't shrinked or compressed. Finally, why it is best cushioning material is that because even if this mat will be soaked in the rain or wash with water, it will eventually dry like a slipper. Unlike other foam materials they are likely to retain all the water. Today, I removed the wide blue yoga mat padding and minimize the size for just specific cushioning area. As the skills improved, you will no longer have to squeezed the EUC with both legs anymore. During training days, almost your entire legs from calves to your inner knees squeezed the EUC just to stay in control. But as soon as your skills get better, only the calves are mostly in contact with the EUC.
  6. I concluded it can work without BMS... but I never said that battery pack can forever be reliably taken into consideration for good. how stupid people jump up saying into bloody stupid ending. the story is, there was a BAD BMS, since without yet the replacement BMS available in hand during the tear off, so better bypassed that bad BMS and a conclusion was made.
  7. i believed there was this incident happened inside your EUC system. it happened to me once too. i believe that once you push your EUC for a very sudden brake (tilt back) or acceleration (quick forward tilt) , 1 second shut off would likely to occur on your wheel. As for me it was sudden acceleration and quarter seconds before I faceplant, I really felt there was no holding balance on the wheel which cause me to fell forward.
  8. agree! better fixed the paddings on the EUC body... and let your feet no wearables hanging in it... a great freedom to walk around every after getting off the pedal.
  9. when a failed battery pack had its life back to work... maybe it can also work for your EUC. after 3 weeks, someone had got interest in it and bought it after that.
  10. my generic chinese EUC battery too died... it was purchased just a month ago. i opened the battery pack. there was 16 cells in it. I test each on voltage and each cells were found healthy, reads 3.7V plus or minus each. on the multi tester it reads 67 something volts overall. but when this battery pack is connected back, it just powered my EUC for only 5 seconds and then turned off. so I had to recharge maybe battery pack was just drained but charger always turned green all the time. normally, charger will light RED upon charging and turned GREEN when full. i borrowed the same battery pack from another EUC and connect it to it's board. it worked flawlessly. so I suspect the BMS made this battery pack doomed. individual cells were found all healthy! tear down time, battery pack was undressed again. i bypassed all the connections with the BMS circuitry, cut off each individual cells to the BMS. it turned out just a simple 16series battery pack. Then i recharge it. the RED light on the charger glow! eureka moment! i timed it and it was exactly 39minutes before the RED led turn into GREEN. GREEN meaning the battery pack was fully charged. connected it back with the EUC board and EUREKA... power! check everything, evening lights turned on brightly, bluetooth speaker sounds again, balancing effect on the wheel motor work. this is it. it is rideable now. ride it until it drain. recharge again but this time it was short of 1 hour before the RED led turned GREEN. redo this for 8 times cycle and it worked so well. Conclusion: therefore the battery pack can work without the BMS.
  11. yoga mat is cheap. Cut them as to your shape likings and double tape them on your EUC. in my case, i've widened it according to my likings. and you too can choose whichever color no wearables to put on your legs thereafter
  12. AFTER and BEFORE. the factory red cushion was made of silicon rubber and weighs thrice that of a yoga mat. Then i replace it. the blue Yoga mat was cut to shape. It matched to the lighting colors too
  13. Each of us will have a different start on how to ride EUC... coz it depends on the skill one has got before riding one. Like others that had already best skills in hoverboards will likely learn faster than no experience at all in smart balance electrics. I started with the training wheels on just to get acquainted with the steering and balance of EUC but in reality it will not help at all to let you ride independently. It will just let you stuck in forward reverse skills. Best is to get on unto the pads and balance and cling with the railings or walls. As for me cane is the best helper. Whenever I am about to tip down, i lean on the cane until I can get back unto my both feet balance. Now am over 2 months using my 16" EUC and already confident enough to ride on jogging paths.
  14. bolt on a counterweight on the rear to offset the forward action of the steering handle weight. a large padlock is enough hanging on the rear
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