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  1. While it didn’t cut out, sub zero weather sure did stop it from functioning. The Minipro is Rocksolid and VERY safe. Majority of people having issues should ride more. Learn to balance without balancing is the point. Heavier riders will also suffer from their weight distribution affecting the sensors ie steering, speed ect.
  2. It’s much better with the latest Firmware. I have the Russian Firmware and there are plus’ to it. However the segways stock Firmware is very safe. The more you ride, the less you fall. One interesting observation is, my nephew hardly fell and he was going off of curbs ect. The younger you are the easier you adapt to the Segway. Kids hop on and start riding ... adults panic and fall on their ass.
  3. It’s released just not ota is the problem. Am I the only one in the USA with this hack?
  4. It seems very uncommon ... but like I said it happened to me once and seriously threw me off and I hit the ground hard. It happened out of nowhere. And never happened again.
  5. Not sure what you are trying to say, but like I said if you read the whole post it was a level even sidewalk.
  6. Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who rides in sub 25f degree weather. I noticed 30f is probably the lowest weather you want to ride any distance further than a few blocks. anything colder the mini’s sensors stop functioning. I learned this the hard way last year riding in 5f degree weather (with windchill) and the minipro stopped balancing itself (1 mile into the ride) Slowly but surely. I had to walk about 5 blocks (turned off) and then It was slowly started balancing and responding again, but the sensors were reacting very slow and barely made it back home. I’m pretty sure it’s the batteries being too cold after awhile that prevents the machine from functioning properly but perhaps it’s also the sensors not being able to function in conjunction with the lower power output due to freezing temps. anyone else have fun freezing weather experience with the minipro?
  7. I had the oringinal Ninebot Mini before my Segway and this happened to me. No bumps or cracks, cruising at 8-10 mph all of a sudden it just swerved right and I hit the ground hard. Couldn’t understand what happened as the sidewalk was level and nothing was loose. I was also going in a straight line. It didn’t ever happen again either. It had about 100 miles on it and another 300 after the incident. I have well over 1500 miles on my minipro and it has never once swerved. I believe it can be either hardware or software or a combination of the two that causes this. Now if your minipro is prone to this, it has to be hardware related. The swerving is very sudden and unstoppable and if these minipro s were prone to this they would be out of business.
  8. Hey Metric try this, keep Plugging in your Segway to the power brick while holding down the power button or pressing the power button until it stays on and starts charging again. Might work. Happened to my nephew’s minipro that would power on for a half a second then turn off when plugged into the brick.
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