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  1. If you have the Firmware hack it hits 14.5 mph and limited to 11 when the battery hits 50% plus bigger tires 11” will give you around 2mph boost so with the hack and tires you can cruise at 16mph
  2. I was thinking you have to undo the bolts on the rim and split it apart or just force the plucker on ... Seems like people are using them somewhere. I would have volunteered to test them out but they only come in 10”.
  3. Found this while searching recently solid Tires for Minis $59 usd for the pair shipped to the USA
  4. The first set is the same as the eBay however the eBay set is selling in a staggered setup. Meaning the front and rear are different widths. These tires suck. I own them and one of them has a huge bubble after about 25 miles and a flat. do not buy.
  5. The Mini Pro and all segways use a vibration structured gyro. In conjunction with their accelerometer... Google coriolis effect. It’s designed to work with vibration not against it.
  6. M6 is referring to the thread size or pitch ect you are looking for
  7. I don’t ride with handlebars, listen no amount of skill or balance will defy physics. thats the point.
  8. Umm it can probably also tumble dry your laundry given the right circumstances. 🤗
  9. Lower Tire pressure on the Segway mini really doesn’t have much of an effect. The handlebars have a very huge effect as you can counterbalance the mini’s self balancing system. It’s very simple physics. tire pressures do not assist the mini in balancing much at all and actually have a negative effect on its performance. Does not matter what Firmware you are using. the biggest factor riding the mini off-road is going to be your balancing skills. i have ridden my mini off road on MTB courses and while it’s fun you will have to jump off of it quite often. riding the same course with a handlebar you can counterbalance your upper body weight. a perfect example is my buddy rides a unicycle off-road for fun and has a MTB handlebar attachment on his rig. With the handlebar he kills the course ... without It, he is significantly slower.
  10. I’ve done snow with my MiniPro, the only way to not fall is using a handlebar. You need the counterbalance of the bars. The tires cannot achieve this.
  11. Actually from my experience it’s tilt back is drastically lower compared to the stock Firmware. I slipped on some black ice today and was able not to fall off. So the plus is your reflexes don’t have to be as sharp. Using segways Firmware will make you appreciate MRNs
  12. Yep, it’s great. They are working on a remote flash via internet I believe.
  13. Ps. I did the ultimate Segway test, driving while on Alchohol ... I was definitely Buzzed to Drunk and I did not fall. The lean back is definitely better, BUT only for those who have fallen from the aggressive Segway version. I highly recommend getting use to the Regular Firmware then updating to Mrn76’s. the Suble Leanback warns me to keep it steady and not push it. The only caveat I noticed is with the suble leanback jumping off curbs or odd sloped down/up potholes and or bumps at 13+mph are different. That maybe due to the higher speeds more than anything else. Cars are much easier to deal with. overall 9/10