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  1. Hey guys, Probably just a little paranoid but I've noticed that my Ms2 changed the beep tone and intensity its about 60% quieter and doesnt sound like the same tone as usual it's deeper. should i open it to check it out ? it happened after riding like 10 minutes under normal/light rain not heavy thx
  2. It might just happen although i only have a chest mount for my go pro i'll definitely think about it
  3. @sunToxx sorry to revive this topic but i've been having confusion with my bips as well is this what you mean by rim code ? that would mean i have MS too but i bought it barely used so i think its quite recent. thanks
  4. Also sorry to revive a deaf topic so abruptly but I just wanna know what speed those beeps correspond to because I've taken off level 1 and 2 alarm in the dual 4.0 app Thank you
  5. I Bought a barely used (less than one kilometer) msuper, 18 I have the code on the wheel could I use it to check what type it is? I get a vibration when I accelerate at <10kmh it isn't wobbly though it's really as if the wheel was vibrating a little I saw that axles on those models could wear out in a year or so, it was well pumped a while ago
  6. Louis CK ? by the way i would get a tazer, they're illegal here but the sound is enough to scare muggers as they go away
  7. yeah I was shocked by this, i once followed a bike path which had a cop car going exactly my speed and they didn't even bat an eye. and our police is famous for being REALLY FRUSTRATING. So yeah they've never seen irresponsible behaviour in France so they dont "crack down" on it either ^^
  8. The cutest I've had so far : riding around a kindergarten at low speed (obviously) when a 3 yr old and his mom pass by me, the boy turned around and said "this is what i want to ride someday" the mom saying "oh, but you gotta be big and strong", i stopped briefly just to say " in a few years little guy "
  9. Don't take all the credit, here I've had a few guys in a car honking me, so i naturally flipped em off, they proceeded to catch up with me and one of em said : "you really shouldn'be in the bicycle lane" to which i replied "you dont have all the information to say this..." they drove off, but i've also had party people and various drunk people listen and seem genuinely interested, sometimes they wanna try but i just politely decline. also cyclers that have funny jokes like the other day i passed one at about 28kmh and he said "wow ! could you drag me along please :3 ?" and i said "
  10. Yep another advantage of Europe @LanghamP Yeah my buddy from there said mac donalds also had some power to share so far so good thanks for all the helpful insight Ha yes i'm familiar with the Dutch hospitality (always there to help and all that, it's my 5th time in the netherlands) I just didn't know it was apllicable to wheels, and now I can observe all those bicycles up close Yeah why not ! I'll be going from utrecht to amsterdam and maybe lelystad not sure yet
  11. Just got my msuper 2 and I can connect it after putting in the 1234 pin o' the "dual 4.0" but I tried on older phone as well and I can connect it... But only for a split second, then it says "connected" but the app crashes do I need 3.4 version?
  12. Hello guys this is my very first topic. I'm going to take my new Msuper 2 to go around the Netherlands this summer (because of the bike roads going all around) I was wondering if any of you have ever asked an establishment (bar, restaurant) if you could charge your wheel a bit while you drink/eat/etc... I ask this because I want to do as few stops as possible but i might be short a kilometer or two, I have 2 friends in cities far away from one another and I can almost make it in one full charge, I've been there ad seen some friendly people but if they all refuse I'd be obligate
  13. Yeah makes sense, I naively thought I could just PM them to take a NEWER msuper 3 if they didnt have the good judgement to do so before.
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