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  1. @King Ma - INMOTIONhey, i tried to send you an email but it got rejected!
  2. Thank you - I've sent him an email. Update - his email is no longer available As for third party apps, I've tried using wheel log and it feels like it updates quite slowly and doesn't even always work. Also it crashed like 3 times during the 10 minutes while I used it... I'd really want to get the official app back (it also has a really notification bar control, and allows customizing lighting effects)
  3. I've wiped my smartphone some time ago. Today I reinstalled the inmotion app, and understood that I forgot my password. The issue is, there's no real way to restore the password... because registration and login is via phone number, but password recovery is via email (I did not specify an email when registering). I've emailed app@imscv.com, and got some autoreply in Chinese... Has anybody solved such issue before?
  4. After fracturing both hands in May, I am finally back. I choose "30 days", but it's really 130 days.
  5. I just searched a bit about this. Figured it's a "natural" thing of electric motors, rather than an intentional feature. However if this is indeed an issue, how come EUC manufactures haven't addressed it? In any case... none of my rides start from a downhill... rather an fast horizontal swoop followed by an uphill. But this is a good thing to keep in mind, so thanks!
  6. I didn't follow any guide lol. I just didn't charge it after previous days small ride. I had no idea wheels regenerate power on downhills... do all of them do this? Are they not smart enough to not overcharge at the same time? Also, 80% seems like too much... I imagine charging is supposed to slow down after 90%, so do you really think a downhill could charge like 10%? 80% seems way too little for me... Ride to work an back takes away like 40-45% of the charge for me.
  7. Don't forget that mine had around 50% charge at that time. That day I started at around 80%... this is another lesson for me - don't be lazy and always fully charge it. P.S. It is by choice, it was just so hard to stop eating pizzas every weekend Now that I see progress, I am much more motivated.
  8. I'd rather loose some weight lol. Being unable to properly feed myself for almost a month gave me a good start already Also, how do you know power to human weight ratio? I was told that the V8 is good enough up to ~120 kg... but I guess that is for slow riding.
  9. Hi KingSong69, thanks for the kind reply and the welcome! I knew that "cut outs" are a thing, but I was stupid enough to think I got it under control Thanks for the warnings, you've leaned me more towards getting a helmet. As for the cutout warnings, I don't remember having any of them. Just the warnings about reaching max speed. You mean ribs, right? That was at once, or in several crashes? How could you fall on a rib...? By the way, I think it might be interesting to make a "EUC injuries megathread" on this forum... or is there one already?
  10. Hi everyone! I was reading your forum from time to time recently, finally got to introduce myself write something. I got myself my first euc (is this a proper way to abbreviate?) - V8 a few months ago. I learned to ride it in like 3 sessions of around 20 minutes and felt pretty confident after that. I do snowboarding and amateurish ice skating from time to time in winter, I think that helped. It was very tiring and sweaty to learn (even when it was cool weather yet - 5 to 10 Celsius... and I'm in a bad physical shape, slightly overweight - 183 cm\95 kg). Fun fact, I learned to r
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