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  1. Thanks again. I'll make sure my son must have safety measures. By the way, I must go with the V5F+. Just had a look and my son said he loves it even more!
  2. Wow! I have a 5-year old as well but honestly, I'm quite afraid for him to try it out. He's still a baby for me hahaha! Anyway, that's nice to know that kids can use it.
  3. I see. My son only weighs 42 kg. So I guess, I have to choose the V5F+ then.
  4. Thanks for that. I gotta take a look at the Inmotion V5F+ as well.
  5. Thanks. Now that you mentioned it, yeah, I have to buy those protective gears as well.
  6. Hello everyone! I have a 14-year old son who's bugging me to buy him an electric unicycle since last year. It will be his birthday on September 8th and I was planning to surprise him with his dream unicycle. I've been searching everyday and I've found that there are so many unicycles. I'm not really a techie mom so I want to ask you guys for any recommendation. Actually, I saw the Inmotion V8 and I read a comprehensive review from transporationevolved.com. I really loved the look of the Inmotion V8 but I'm still quite hesitant. Thankfully, I've found this forum and maybe you can help me decide which unicycle to buy for my son. Any thoughts? If you owned an Inmotion V8, how was its performance on the road?
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