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  1. Yeah, this app is exactly what I'm looking for, thank you!
  2. Hi! Is there a chance to save my trips history with the official app or a third party app?
  3. Really I don't know but it is! I'm almost sure that both are original , so probably it's a kind of model revision or somthing like that. The xiaomi date of production is Nov-2016 instead the Segway is Apr-2016 Really useful
  4. Yes, It's pretty strange that two models use a different kind of behaviour...I'm almost sure that both are original!
  5. It's pretty strange that two models use a different kind of behaviour
  6. Yeah I know that's perfectly normal using the handlebar for stand-by, but my Xiaomi model do the same when I pick it up from "the bottom" while the Segway model Don't!
  7. Hi, I'm new here! I bought a MiniPro By Segway on Amazon and I have a little problem with. When I raise the MiniPro from the Knee bar, it go immediatly go in standby mod. When I raise up the Minipro From the bottom (I mean whit my hands on the battery) , it start to spin the wheels. I have another Minipro (but by Xiaomi) and this never happend. Anyone have the same problem? I'm on FW 1.4 .