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    KS-14S or KS-16/S

    Thanks for your answers everyone. The consensus seems to be that the KS-16S would be the best pick here. That leaves me with where to buy one for a reasonable price. I hear ks-france or germany (1radwerkstatt), aliexpress seems to have worked as well. As far as European shops go, it seems to be hard to find any which have actual stock of this product. @Lukasz You didn't mention where you bought yours. Would you mind sharing that? (I have no problem paying a premium for a European shop btw, but If I see prices which are 50% markup, I consider it a rip-off, even more so considering they are probably getting them at lower prices than advertised to regular consumers elsewhere. The most extra I consider reasonable would be about 25%.)
  2. Fellonium

    KS-14S or KS-16/S

    Hi All I've been gathering a lot of information about electric unicycles. Reading/watching reviews, considering reputations etc. in several places. I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time without ever registering, just soaking up the information. However, I've finally come to reach the decision that I'd like to buy one of these electric unicycles, mostly for commuting, though maybe down the line or at the same time for leisure purposes as well. After checking up on a bunch of things, I came to the conclusion that I should probably try to purchase a KingSong. I'd like the range to be something around 40km, however, I'm fairly tall and certainly no lightweight (probably 95kg once fully loaded with gear), so there is no way I'll reach the actual distances promised in the specs, which I assume are reached in optimal conditions with a person weighing 60kg or so. That being said, I'm going to assume I'll need a battery capacity of around 680Wh as far as common ratings go. This leaves me with a few options and even after reading and watching for months (some of the models in my list weren't even on the market when I started my research), I still can't figure out what would be the best fit: a KS-16 680Wh/840Wh, a KS-16S 680Wh/840Wh (I'm not even certain if there is a 680Wh version available for this, some places say there is, some say there isn't) or a KS-14S 680Wh, those seem to be the options that seem to suit me best. At first glance, I would suspect the KS-14D won't offer the range I require. 1. For my range requirements, would there be any benefit going to 840Wh, as compared to 680Wh? Or any other benefits to a larger battery capacity? I'm hoping this purchase will last me at least 2 years with enough range for bi-daily usage for commuting purposes (winter excluded), range of the commute is about 25km, there and back, so 40km range would seem adequate. 2. What does the difference between a 14" and a 16" feel like? From what I read 16" should be more stable, but 14" should be more agile, how noticeable is this difference, is it worth considering or would both do fine under normal circumstances and is it just something you need to get used to? I've seen people do stairs with these unicycles, would that be easier on a 16" or does it make no difference? 3. Considering that I'm a complete novice user, are the above mentioned models actually ok to start learning or am I going to ruin them? I don't care that much about the aesthetic aspects as in scratches and so on, so long as the functionality and durability isn't compromised. I'm foreseeing a learning curve of at most 1 month before I can start to use it as a regular commute vehicle, daily practice of course, with protective gear, potentially some protective mousse around the unicycle itself. 4. How do I go about actually purchasing one? I've been looking around to find a decent place to buy one. There doesn't seem to be any locally. If I go online and look for European webshops, they charge ridiculous prices compared to elsewhere, as in 50% markup. I've looked on aliexpress, but I've never purchased anything on there and I have no idea how reliable these shops are, the prices certainly are a lot lower, but some of these shops say they're selling a certain model and then from the specs and pictures and even names it looks like that isn't the right model at all. Some mix and match models, so you have no idea what it is you're going to end up with. Furthermore, what are the chances that if you buy one of these things, that it breaks during the first few months? Does anyone have any experience with that? I'm guessing aftersales support directly from China isn't the easiest thing, not to mention mailing costs from here to there are about €200 it would seem. I don't mind getting my own hands dirty though, so if they can simply send free replacement parts, that could work. Long story short: what would be the most reliable way of purchasing one of these unicycles without it costing me more than an arm and a leg extra compared to prices I see directly from China. Can you purchase these straight from the factory? Is that a reliable way to do it? Are the prices reasonable if done that way? Is there anything I'm missing, or do you have any special advice you would like to mention on top of the questions above? Which unicycle would you recommend? Thank you for your assistance, with any luck, I'll soon be able to become an active contributing member of this pioneer community.